Passing the time post-interview wait

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Dec 11, 2012
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The panic thread makes me too, well, panicky :scared:

But now that I'm finished with all my interviews, I want to know what others are doing (other than compulsively checking their inboxes) to make the time between interviews and receiving decisions pass more easily.

Working full time and a job I'm not so much enjoying isn't cutting it.

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I neurotically check SDN to try to predict exactly when the decision is going to come. :rolleyes:

But really, I just focus on school, work out, and play video games excessively.
I actually have been spending time with old friends catching up since I've been busy the better part of the past 9 months.
You can pass the time by preparing for the next cycle
Just get Netflixs and dominate!
I've been through season one of Downton Abbey, I'll do Scandal next.

I went on the first first date I've been on in about a year, that was fun lol.
Nice! The League is pretty funny if you haven't seen it yet.