PAT key/hole confusion

Discussion in 'DAT Discussions' started by BrutalViking, May 3, 2012.

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  1. BrutalViking

    BrutalViking 5+ Year Member

    Jun 8, 2011
    Hello there! can you guys help me with these three PAT questions. First one, why did I get this wrong? looks right to me. For the second and third one, there seems to be two identical choices but only one is correct? For question both questions 2 and three the choices in question are A and B.


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  3. Worried12345


    Feb 9, 2012
    That first question is a bad one, I would disregard it. It's showing you an answer choice that has edges concealed, which you would have to completely assume...

    The second one has the top edge "jutting" out over the bottom edge, therefore B is correct because it shows the top right edge of the figure jutting out.

    The third one A and B are different. If you look at the "neck" of the figure, you'll notice that B's "neck" is skinnier than A's.

    Kind of hard to explain it over text, but I hope it helps!
  4. BrutalViking

    BrutalViking 5+ Year Member

    Jun 8, 2011
    thanks for the reply....these things are hard to notice *_*
  5. Member 8586

    Member 8586 2+ Year Member

    Dec 14, 2011
    i was pissed at that first one too!

    and wow at the 3rd one..thats really borderline ...idk if theyd ask something like that

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