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Jun 25, 2007
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I know this might not be exactly the right place for this, but I figured someone might have an answer for me. I was pre-med but, after reanalyzing my priorities (I'd really prefer to be settled in a career with a family before I reach 30) I opted against it. I've decided to go into being a pathologist assistant and, despite all the internet has to offer, I'm still stumped as to how difficult these programs are to get into. There's only 8 or 9 in the country and each has a class size of <10-30, so it seems a little intimidating. Can anyone shed any light onto what kinda statistics you need to get in? I have about a 3.6 gpa (both overall and bcpm), I'm a good test taker so the GRE's don't really intimidate me and I have decent EC's (nothing medschool worthy but I've kept busy enough), will this be good enough? Thanks.


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May 15, 2008
Durham, NC
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Hey there,

Glad to see allied health people around here, too!

Yes it's true that there are only a small number of slots for PA students, but that's because most people have never heard of Path Assistants (you say "PA" they think Physicians Assistant usually). So really, the small number of graduates every year translates into pretty good job security upon graduation. Most of the 2nd years in my program had their first choice position by February or March of this year.

That being said, from my application experience the two most competitive programs are Duke and Quinnipiac. Rosalind Franklin in Illinois may be starting to challenge them but it may still be too new.

I think the interview process is the most important part. Yes, your grades aqnd GREs must be decent, but because this is such a unique field you really have to convey that you have experienced what PathA's do and DONT want to use it as a "stepping stone" to another medical career. DONT tell your interviewer that you want to be a doctor!!!

Part of me just wants to tell you that if you really want to do it, you'll get into a program, because that's kind of what happened to me, but if you want the statistics I would recommend emailing the admissions directors of each program.
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