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May 25, 2016
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I'm a Canadian, did my medicine from another country and matched this year into a US residency program (Internal Medicine).

While searching for ways of returning to Canada and practice medicine there, I came across pathway 4 on CPSO's website. This applies to IMGs who studied medicine in a country (other than the US or Canada) and completed their residency training in the US.

Anyone knows if pathway 4 aspirants have to take Canadian exams (MCCQE1 etc) or are they exempt from these exams??
Anyone who followed this pathway and is now practicing medicine in Canada??
Dec 19, 2019
Been searching about this too. No exams are required if you are returning through pathway 4. You need to be board certified in US however and undergo 12 to 18 months of supervised assessment before getting the unrestricted license.
Jan 31, 2018
  1. Resident [Any Field]
Hey guys, I'm an IMG in a similar situation (except that I am not Canadian).

I will be done with residency next year in the US and I'm planning to move to Ontario thereafter. I noticed that Pathway 4 on CPSO might be my best bet.

I do have, however, a lot of questions regarding the process. Do you guys know whether I need to have a PR and/or a job offer prior to applying through pathway 4? Do you know how hard is to find a supervising physician (and how it would cost)?


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