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Feb 26, 2015
Selling 2017 Dr. Collins PCAT Prep & Kalpan PCAT book. Both of these used together helped me ace my PCAT and secure 7 pharmacy school interviews. Selling for $200 through PayPal (I paid close to $450 for both of these). Message me with any questions!

**Disclaimer: Dr. Collins does have a 2018 version available now. However, if you are looking to review general concepts, really hammer down the topics on the PCAT, and save some money the bundle I have for sale is for you!!
Jan 18, 2018
Don't get tricked into buying outdated materials. The PCAT changed in 2016 and again for 2018!

The Dr. Collins 750+ page self-study course with practice exams is all new, fully revised for 2018, and includes direct access to the professors to make sure you are successful!

Dr. Collins' PCAT Prep Class will also have live classes in Houston, Las Vegas, Ann Arbor, Ft. Lauderdale, Columbus & Washington, D.C.

Use code DEAL25 to save $25 at www.PCATPrepClass.com
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