dr collins 2017

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    taking pcat in October and going to dc for Dr collins live class.

    So I am planning on taking the pcat in October. I study approximately 1-2 hours a day because i work from 8-5 pm. what can i do to cover more material. I am almost done with biology review. side note: is anyone going to dr collins pcat live class next month in DC?
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    For Sale PCAT Study Materials!!

    Selling 2017 Dr. Collins PCAT Prep & Kalpan PCAT book. Both of these used together helped me ace my PCAT and secure 7 pharmacy school interviews. Selling for $200 through PayPal (I paid close to $450 for both of these). Message me with any questions! **Disclaimer: Dr. Collins does have a 2018...
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    Retake PCAT? Nov 2017

    Not sure guys, just took the Nov.17 PCAT today, 1st time taking it, and here are my preliminaries and my GPA. Feeling kinda low, thought i had done better not sure if I should retake the PCAT. Also, is 74 a competitive Composite score these days? Thanks in advance for the advice! PCAT...
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    For Sale Dr. Collins (Newest edition) 2017 PCAT Self Study Course Package

    Hello, I am selling my 2017 PCAT self study course package that I purchased brand-new from Dr. Collins at $375.00 USD (about $450 CAD including shipping). I obtained 99 composite (99 chem/bio, 90+ rest) first try using this package and some MCAT books. The study package looks brand-new. It's...
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    Does anyone have Dr. Collins 2017 version for sale?

    Hi everyone, I'm taking the PCAT in February and I was wondering if dr.collins is worth buying if I only have one month and half to study for the exam. how is Dr.collins study prep like? is it study guide for each section or question and answer format?
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    I am selling Dr Collins 2016 w/ 2017 Update & the 3 2017 Pearson Practice Tests along with the Kaplan 2016-2017 PCAT book. Excellent condition with NO writing or markings on any of the study guides or practice questions! Includes all 7 original labeled packets for Dr Collins set in a book...
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    SELLING PCAT MATERIALS Dr. Collins 2016 packets with 2017 updates

    HELLO, I just took my PCAT on September 7, 2017 and now I am selling my study materials. I have the Dr.Collins 2016 packets with the 2017 updates. I also used the Kaplan PCAT 2016-2017 book along with other study materials. Got a 84 composite on the PCAT. Email me if interested. [email protected]
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    PCAT 2017 Resources for sell (99 composite score)

    Hey guys, I just took my PCAT July 2017 and with my study resources I got a 99 composite (bio99,chem99,reading92,math92). I have Dr.Collins 2017, Cliffs AP bio, and more resources that really helped with the passages. Email me at [email protected] if you're interested :) and good luck on your...