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pco interview


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Oct 22, 2002
Brooklyn Heights
    I have an interview with PCO this Wednesday and I would like to know what the interview and day will be like. I have already been accepted to SUNY which is currently my first choice but I am going to see what PCO's like on Wednesday.


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    Feb 7, 2002
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    1. Optometrist
      I interviewed at PCO and SUNY last fall. PCO's faculty interview is much more laid-back than SUNY's -- instead of an open-file panel interview, you have a closed-file one-on-one. The guy I interviewed with just wanted to get to know me and why I wanted to go into optometry. He had a clipboard of objectives (or questions, I don't exactly) that he never made it through because we got carried away with talking about other things. It was very relaxed and comfortable.

      Next, we went on a tour of the Eye Institute (you take a bus there) and the school itself, given by two students. Following that we ate lunch at the school's cafeteria with the same students (the voucher they give you has a $-limit, so watch what you order!).

      After lunch, we had a financial aid discussion, and finally a one-on-one with an admissions counselor to follow-up on our application files and go over what we thought of our visit.

      Good luck! :)
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