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Aug 28, 2002
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Anyone from the Philli area want to help out a bit?

I have an interview for PCOM soon and was wondering where to stay, how to get around etc. They really did not give much info in their letter.... I know there is a Holiday Inn "close" to the school, will I need a rental car? (I am from good ol' AZ and you NEED a car to get around here.) Or, are taxis cheap?

I was thinking of going spending an extra day or two since I will have the weekend free. Any suggestions on sites or things to go do/see?

Also, any advice on the actual PCOM interviews would be greatly appreciated.



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Feb 4, 2000
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There are 2 hotels right next to PCOM: Adam's Mark and Marriott.

Busses are cheap. Taxis are a rip off from City Avenue. $20 just to get you into the city.

I would go see the historical disctrict. 5th and Market, and thereabouts.

The food is pretty good in the city. Bars are good too.

What weekend are you interviewing?

My friends and I go out on the weekends. If it's not near test time we can see about getting together. Just warning you, some of my friends may turn you off towards Philly...they can be a little brazen, but thats the ETOH.

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May 26, 2001
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Does anyone know the turn-around time for PCOM? (i.e. sending secondary-->screening of secondary-->interview invite)

This information would REALLY help!! Thanks all and good luck!
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