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Discussion in 'Medical Students - DO' started by RockandRolldoc, Mar 18, 2002.

  1. RockandRolldoc

    RockandRolldoc Senior Member 7+ Year Member

    Jan 18, 2002
    Davie, FL
    Here is another infamous PCOM or NOVA thread. I have been accepted to both and like both of them very much. I have very good reasons to go to both places. Both of them have amazing facilities, both have great reputations... and as far as weather goes... well Florida is nicer, but being from detroit and going to school in ann arbor for the past four years...philly is still not too shabby.
    If it's at all possible i'd like to hear people's opinions on a few factors between the schools. 1. Academics (is it fair) 2. Student body (cool or really obnoxious and competitive.) 3. Rotations and residency placement and 4. Any other intangibles or small details that most applicants don't know about prior to matriculation. I appreciate all input from MSx's and applicants.
    On a lighter note... I would like to hear everyone's favorite medicine related movie.... A few of mine: Gross Anatomy, Flatliners,and Critical Condition (80's Richard Pryor Flick)
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  3. Dr JPH

    Dr JPH Banned Banned 10+ Year Member

    Feb 4, 2000
    Boy...this is a popular argument this year.

    Much about these 2 schools is a toss-up.

    I would talk to Doc AdamK. He interviewed at both schools. He can give you more opinion about this.

    Both great schools. Congratulations on both.

    PCOM Class of 2006
  4. PhillyGirl

    PhillyGirl Member 10+ Year Member

    Nov 28, 2000

    I was posed with the same decision last year, so I understand your confusion. Yes, both schools are excellent. I will explain to you how I based my decision to attend PCOM, hopefully, without offending anyone at NOVA.

    Basically, a family friend is a retired DO that attended PCOM back in the day. Well, he has a lot of connections around the DO world and has many opinions about each school. He actually knows a LOT about NOVA, but I won't get into that. (Dr. Terry is also a PCOM grad, if you didn't know that). Anyways, my friend wouldn't tell me his opinion until after I decided on my own, but when I told him I chose PCOM, he told me that I made the right choice. Here was my reasoning...

    For starters, I am from the Philly suburbs, so I will be near my family. I was far away for undergrad and it was time to come home. Do you have family in the area?

    I also have family in Ft. Lauderdale and one of my best friends attends Nova Law, I actually already had a place to live set up. But, I decided that the moving and travel costs were more than I wanted. What will your travel costs be?

    I believe that both schools give you an equal education in your first two years. As far as 3rd and 4th year go, in my opinion, PCOM has more connections and more options. I might be a little wrong b/c I find it a little difficult to understand all until I'm in it. But, I figure that PCOM has been around for many many more years than Nova, which equals more Alumni, so more networking and more options. I must admit, that Florida is very open to the NOVA students and I am confident that their students are doing just as well as PCOM students. Oh, that's the other thing, I was a bit worried that somehow if I went to school in FL there'd be some force to keep me there to practice. I feel that at PCOM I can go anywhere. Don't ask me why I feel that way, I just do.

    The one factor that I to this day regret about not going to NOVA is that I could have done the MBA program there in the same 4 years as DO. I am applying for the program at PCOM, but it's going to add a year to my education. i think it's worth it, but Nova integrates it into your years. (if I remember right, it's free, too. That might only be the MPH program, though).

    So, in conclusion, I am at PCOM. I like it, but I always try to make the most regardless of where I am. I think I would've liked NOVA, but I would have been far away from my little nieces and I missed them too much already. So, what I am saying to you is make your decision on where you think you'll be most comfortable. If you try to compare the schools they each have their plus and minuses, so you'll just go in circles.

    Good luck with your decision. Feel free to email me with further questions...

  5. jabroni108

    jabroni108 Member 7+ Year Member

    Feb 18, 2002
    I had the same problem: Nova or PCOM. They both cost about the same (~26 G's). They are both good schools. I choose Nova for several reasons. I was born in PA, i went to PSU, and I am sick of PA for now. Second, the MPH is free at Nova. I really have no family attatchments or significant other, so I can "afford" to travel far. Again, PCOM may have the advantage of being a really old school and better networking for rotations. Congrats on being admitted to 2 awesome schools.

  6. RockandRolldoc

    RockandRolldoc Senior Member 7+ Year Member

    Jan 18, 2002
    Davie, FL
    Thank you all for replying. Michelle, to answer your questions... yes I do have family in the area.. my father is from philly and my aunt has a PT practice right across the street from PCOM. Having family in the city is nice considering it would be a nice release from the stresses of school when I need it. She also has a beach house in Atlantic City that I can use whenever I need to take a weekend off (not that I'll have many weekends off). Cost is also not really a factor for me since both schools are about equal. The family thing is important for me, but I don't want to make my decision based just on that. What can you tell me about PCOM students?... because this is a huge factor for me. I believe life is about people so I like to surround myself with good ones. Anyway, thanks for your help, I might have a few more questions in the near future. I basically have 10 days to make my decision.

  7. barbjs

    barbjs Member 7+ Year Member

    Feb 28, 2002
    Hey ,
    I just recently had to make the same decision as you. I got into both Nova and PCOM, and I chose Nova. It was strange becuase I have always wanted to go to PCOM but I just really loved NOVA.
    I made this decision for a few reasons. I felt that the education was pretty much equal. I am living in Boston now and I met a Nova 3rd year who is on rotation at Boston Medical Center. He gave me a lot of info and said that NOVA offered very good rotations and residencies. I also really like the fact that Nova gives you clinical experience starting right away. Plus everyone was so friendly there.
    Well, congrats on getting in at both places. This is a great problem to have isn't it?
  8. DrQuinn

    DrQuinn My name is Neo Moderator Emeritus 10+ Year Member

    Dec 6, 2000
    I'm a 3rd year at NSU... I would go to the school that you feel more comfortable at for social reasons. If you have family somewhere or know more people or want to be in the warm weather, use that as your reason.

    Going to NSU and going to PCOM and getting the same grades and the same board scores isn't really going to matter much in your application, unless... here's the catch... you're applying to Northeastern residencies or Southeastern residencies.

    I say that because the Program Directors are more familiar with the grads in the area. You can obviously get into any residency you want, but if more PCOMers are going to a residency in NJ, the NJ Program Directors will have a better feel for the PCOM grads than NSU-COM grads. And vice-versa.

    I chose NSU because, well, I got accepted there :) , and I didn't feel like interviewing anywhere else. My application to residencies is what I make of it, not what my school's reputation makes of it. And I don't plan on applying to Mass General so I really don't care where I get my DO degree from.
  9. PhillyGirl

    PhillyGirl Member 10+ Year Member

    Nov 28, 2000

    I love my class. They are great. Yes, there are some people that aren't my favorite, but everyone wants to help each other and we want to see everyone pass. I went to undergrad in Boston and lived there a while after school and knew that I wanted to stay in a big city. As far as the social aspect goes, I go out every Friday night with a ton of people from my class. We have local bars that we all go to. We used to all go to quiz night at a local bar on Wednesday nights, too. Basically, the social scene exists. If you wanted to, there'd be people to hang out with 7 nights a week. I am not saying we are a bunch of alcoholics, everyone just realizes how important it is to chill every once in a while. Most people are involved in some type of extracurricular activity, especially sports. The volleyball team has their championship game tonight and an Ultimate Frisbee team was just organized. THere are also running clubs and rowing clubs, etc. You get the point, right?

    I am sure that most of this exists at Nova, too. Maybe the choice should be about which team (or sport) you like better... Miami Dolphins or Philadelphia 76ers... (yes, I actually put this on my decision list b/c I was running out of things to make a decision on :) )

    Ok, feel free to email me with more ??? Honestly, just pick one based on something. You'll be right with either choice...

  10. Doc AdamK in 2006

    Doc AdamK in 2006 Now 2 year UB Med Doc 7+ Year Member

    Feb 23, 2002
    Defintely Buffalo
    This is a correction to Philly girl's statement:

    It is correct that the Business school can be finished withing 4 year w/ the DO. You take classes on Friday Sat and Sun. It would be a lot of work. It has positives and negatives.

    However, from my conversations with somebody that got there DO then the MBA he said he had to pay tuition per credit hour. It don't think it is free. It should be. The NOVA system is already getting our money.

    Its nice that the Business school will gear the program to the health professional


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  11. miami

    miami Junior Member 7+ Year Member

    May 28, 2001
    As a MSIV at NOVA, I can tell you I received a great education and got my first choice
    residency. However, if you work hard you will do well regardless if you went to PCOM
    or NOVA. I chose NOVA because of the great weather (which you can enjoy if you
    manage your time effectively), close to family, and I wanted a new start (I was living in
    NY). Every class is different and it is impossible to know in advance what your class will
    be like. You have to understand that every class will have its "gunners" and people that
    scare you when you think they are going to be a doctor. BTW, I was told that PCOM was loosing (or lost)its largest teaching hospital affiliation, Albert Einstein,
    and this may affect your clinical education at PCOM. I think NOVA has very strong
    clinical rotations and you will have a wide variety of places to choose from (i.e. miami, tampa, orlando, ect.. You may want to check this out. In the long
    run, you will pick NOVA or PCOM and will never look back. Again, may people envy
    your position.

    Good luck whatever you decide
  12. RockandRolldoc

    RockandRolldoc Senior Member 7+ Year Member

    Jan 18, 2002
    Davie, FL
    Thank you all for the input. This was a very difficult decision to make, but it had to be made yesterday. I chose NOVA. I am very excited about moving to S.Florida and excited to meet all the NOVA students incomming and second year. If anyone is on the waitlist at PCOM, one more spot just opened up.


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