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Hey hey hey,

It would be great if any of you PCOM students in your second year or more would drop in and give us some advice about starting. What books should we buy? What equipment? Do we really need that diagnostic set for $450.00? Do we really need to buy a microscope? Can one be rented?

Any and all advice would benefit us newcomers.


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alright, this'll be quick since I'm headed out the door...

Books: No clue...things change year to year; definitely plan on buying Netter and Moore (for Anatomy)...there's actually two Moore's, 'baby' Moore and 'big daddy' Moore...I got the big one, but know many who got the little one and did fine. Personally, I'd wait 'till at least welcome week to buy texts since clubs will give them out in exchange for joining.

Microscopes: you definitely need access to one, it's required equipment for Histo and Microbio labs. You can rent them for $100 a year (you should get that info in the welcome packet). My advice is to hook up with a classmate (or two) and share the cost.

Diagnostic Kits: Great to have if you can afford one. You'll need one eventually, so don't pass up the opportunity to get one if it presents (i.e. they make great 'going away to med school' gifts). Otherwise, the school has ones you can use and you can always borrow from the military kids (they get to expense theirs).

Other Equipment: They gave every M1 really nice steths last year, so don't worry about that. You'll need scrubs/comfortable clothes for Anatomy lab (something you don't mind burning after lab finishes, that is unless you like the smell of corpses) and a clipboard/Easy Reader (for lab practicals). Other than that, just make sure you bring some #2s and your th/drinking hat!


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Since this is my first post I'll make it brief......
Pretty much what Dave said with a few extras..... Robbins pathology is a must for getting through Dr. Fogel's lectures - you'll see a pattern develop as you take his exams each term - what questions he asks, how he formats them and what kind of info he focuses on. There is a lot of reading but he goes strictly by the text and if you decide to challenge a test question he'll go straight to Robbins. Board Review Path is a good quick reference if you don't have the time (or desire) to read Robbins. Don't buy anything for Histology/Cell & Tissue except for maybe a good atlas - there are lots of discs and such on reserve in the library for reference and review. Rent a microscope but do it with a friend near you in the alphabet so you can share it in lab. Dave summed up anatomy - Netter and/or Chung, big Moore and Grant's Dissector - reading from the dissector is no joke and will help you tremendously - you'll see what I mean after the first couple of weeks! 'Haha..... A dissecting kit is a must with extra scalpel blades and an old lab coat.

Ok, the rest of the books. Nothing for embryology or biochemistry. (BRS or High-Yield Biochem in a pinch) They give you what you need to know. Squire's radiology is good to have for 2nd and 3rd year but may not help much in 1st year - I got better info/pics on some websites. Immunology and microbiology - some books recommended but they give you what you need. Definitely get Micro made rediculously simple... and the pharmacology companion (if you can find one) or Lippincott's pharmacology. They'll get you through 1st & 2nd years and you'll need them for the boards. As a student you'll have access to online sites such as MDconsult which has some of the best textbooks around on almost every subject (also has Robbins) and is great for reading/referencing as well as Harrison's online which is THE text of Internal Med. Guyton's Medical Phys for 3rd term is THE text for all physiology courses and they have a bunch on reserve in the library. Lastly, Bate's guide to physical examination is, I hate to say it, a great book to have if you want to perform well in your SP sessions and OSCE at the end of the year. A lot of people didn't bother to buy or read it and it cost them in the end. Hope this "brief" guideline helps! Goodluck!

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I agree, notes, Netter, Robbins (for Fogle), Chung or Baby MOORE and your dissector. OH Yeah, check out the HISTO-TIME CD ROM for histo and rent a scope with a friend.
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