Pediatric Board Review Books for sale.

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Jun 5, 2010
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Hi everyone,

First, I want to say, I passed my exam after 2 years of trying. Almost gave up but then got my head and heart together. What I found was, we know all the information but just need to put it together. I did Live Cleveland Clinic board review which was very helpful. I highly recommend people who were unsuccessful the first time or first time takers.

Here are the following books I have for sale:

1. Laughing Your Way to pass the pediatric Boards 5th edition: $ 90
2. Laughing your way Self Assessment Q and A, Vol 1, 2nd Edition: $ 50
3. Symphonic Mnemonics: 2nd Edition $ 20
4. MEDSTUDY 3rd edition 2008/2009 Core Curriculum $ 200
5. Oski's Pediatric Certification and recertification Board Review, 2010 $65
6. McGraw-Hill Specialty Board Review Pediatrics, 2nd edition $45
7. Cleveland Clinic Intensive Review of Pediatrics, 2009 $45

Email me if interested.

[email protected]

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Hi! I didn't pass the last time I took the test.

Do you have any recommendations for those of us who failed?

I'm not a big fan of the LYW books. Seems too general.

Thanks :)

Hi Jenn, I loved LYW but doing a live course at Cleveland clinic really helped me prepare the missing infomation. good luck on your preparation.
hi I am selling my peds boards material and found the combo of medstudy study material and medstudy Q&A very helpful. Harder questions and closer to the real exam.

Medstudy 2012 binder from the live course- excellent material has all the core curriculum material $450

Medstudy Q&A books for sale each $50 - which i found very helpful and passed the exam by over 2SD

I also have Prep Q&A books for sale for 2011 and 2010

email me if interested: [email protected]