pediatric ophthalmology

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Nov 24, 2002
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I was wondering if anyone had any experience in pediatric ophthalmology. Im specifically interested in treating diseases like retinoblastoma. Ideally, I would like to also be able to perform laser correction surgeries as well. Does anyone know if it is possible to merge these interests into a single practice? What kind of extended training would be involved?

Thanks for any help you can provide!

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Pediatric ophthalmology fellowship is 1 year of training. Although the pediatric ophthalmologist will perform screening and follow-up examinations for RB, this specialist will not typically treat RB.

Treatment of ocular malignancies is often referred to a retina specialist for medical therapy or oculoplastic surgeon to remove the eye. RB is a deadly disease, and if it was my kid, I'd have the eye removed, considering that the treatments for RB are not that good right now. On the other hand, with rapid advancements in tumor research, there may be good medical treatments one day! ;)

If you go academic, then your sub-specialty will dictate what you can and cannot do, i.e. you will typically practice within the scope of your sub-specialty. However, if you decide to go private practice, then you can practice both your sub-specialty and general ophthalmology, which includes refractive surgery.

Physicians in private practice, however, will not see nor will they deal with many RB cases. The RB cases will be referred to the university b/c of the difficulty in treatment and the liability.