Pediatric Ophthalmology

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Feb 12, 2005
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Does anyone have any thoughts re: which pediatric ophthalmology fellowships provide the best training?

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Good question...I'd love to know what the premier peds fellowships are.

What about retina? I've heard UCSF and BP are excellent. What others?
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I don't know much about the good US pediatric ophthal fellowships, but some of the great pediatric fellowships outside the US are:

Sick Kids - Toronto
Great Ormond St - London
Royal Children's Hospital - Melbourne, Australia

What are the top ped opthalmology fellowship programs? Does it correlate with the caliber of the children's hospital associated with the program?

The ones that come to mind are Boston Children's, CHOP, UCLA, UCSF, Iowa, Duke, Michigan, JHU... anywhere else?

Thanks in advance.
No specific order and most definitely forgetting some great programs- these are programs that I learned about at last weeks AAPOS meeting-
Duke (Dr. Freedman), Wills (Dr. Levin), UCLA (Dr. Demer), Boston Children's (Dr. Walton, Dr. Hunter), CHOP (Dr. Forbes, Dr. Mills), Children's National (Dr. Park's started the field).

I think Peds ophtho is one of those sub-specialities that still has legends that you really want to train under or have that reputation to work in said department. It's a fantastic field with various trail blazers who are redefining the future of peds ophtho.
I'm pretty sure Children's National was the first peds ophtho department, but don't quote me on that. I'd add UW-Seattle Children's with Dr. Weiss. CHLA has some unique stuff in their department (one of the only peds cornea centers). I'm sure Baylor, Michigan, and Wash U have great programs with each having top children's hospitals-Texas Children's, Mott's, and St.Louis Children's-affiliated with them (and they are top overall programs).
Yeah Ignatius - Children's National was the first peds ophtho program- Dr. Marshall Park's started the the whole thing....focused a bit too much on the historical aspect of the AAPOS conference....