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Jun 17, 2008
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I'm interested in radiation oncology as a specialty. However, I really feel like I would much rather practice in peds than with adults. Is there such a thing as a pediatric radiation oncologist? And if there is, how would one go about doing this? I have searched and have found no pediatric rad onc fellowships. Thanks for your responses.


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Feb 22, 2005
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Yes you can specialize in this, but in academics only. Places like St. Judes should have a Peds fellowship. However, many larger programs give you sufficient peds case volume to obviate the need for a fellowship.

You have to log 10 or 12 pediatric cases during your residency for ACGME requirement. Some programs have no pediatric cases, and you have to rotate through other rad onc programs to complete that requirement. And if you are in those programs, you would definitely need to do a fellowship if you want to specialize in Peds in an academic setting. In some facilities, there are tons of ped cases as per Gfunk. In my program, I logged all my peds requirement during my 1st year.
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