pediatric residency question


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Aug 18, 2008
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Hi i'm an IMG applying to pediatrics. I was wondering if someone of you knows anything about the pediatric program at Flushing hospital in NY. I have an interview there for next week. I know it's a small program but do you have any chance to go on fellowship like cardio, gi ,neonatology? I also have interviews at Methodist hospital, NY and Monmouth Medical Center,NJ. What about these programs?Any chance for competitive fellowship? Do you think that any of these hospitals is better or do they fall under the same category?


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Mar 13, 2005
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Unfortunately, I don't know about those programs. Try, as well as googling the programs. You might find some of that info flying around on the internet. Another suggestions is to email the secretary or program coordinator for a listing of residents with their contact info so you can contact them directly about some of the questions you have. Lastly, I would wait until the interview day and ask your questions directly to the appropriate people to get the answers you need. That is what I've done with programs that I don't have very much information on. I hope some of my suggestions have been helpful. Good Luck to you!
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