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Dec 12, 2002
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I was curious if there are any peds anesthesiologists out there? I'm a peds PL 3 graduating this June and have been giving serious thought to doing a gas residency instead of a peds fellowship with the intention of doing peds anesthesia. Has anyone else done that? I got interested during my PICU rotation when we were taking care of post op congenital heart repairs. The peds cardiac anesthesiologist sort of took me under his wing and let me do a lot. As is I have three months of PICU and about four of NICU, all managing peds airways and vents.

The original plan was to apply to a PICU fellowship, but when my wife matched here for her peds internship I decided to hold off until she was done and we could both go somewhere for further training. As is I'll be doing nursery and ER coverage as a general pediatrician for a couple years, then applying to either a fellowship or anesthesia.

My other interest is in peds palliative care, and I've been working with the oncologists at our palliative care center. Is there room to continue that line of work through anesthesia? It seems like anesthesia would only help it. Do you guys feel at all like a child advocate or that you're caring for children instead of bodies? I realize the patients are asleep, but I've always been impressed with how well our peds anesthesiologists take the time to really work with the kid pre op and such. Any thoughts? Thanks!

I know I'd have to do a full anesthesia residency followed by a year fellowship with peds, and I'm okay with that. It's the same amount of time I'd spend doing a peds fellowship, and I suspect the hours are better though the work just as difficult.