Peds genetics vs. DBP

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Mar 16, 2021
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I would like to work outpatient with children and adults with IDD and autism. I was interested in DBP or NDD but recently learned about pediatric genetics, which is 4 years instead of 6, and seems like they cover a lot of the same conditions. Does anyone have any input about these three specialties? Would child psych cover a similar population as well?

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Genetics sees a lot of patients with autism for their initial evaluation, but usually doesn't follow them long term unless they have a rare metabolic genetics condition (think like PKU). DBP tends to do a lot of diagnosis of autism, but may or may not follow them long-term (as they are in relatively short supply compared to the number of kids with autism out there). Child psych would do a decent amount of medical management for these patients, but wouldn't provide much in the way of therapy.

You may consider looking at complex peds clinics. Several academic centers have them, such as this clinic or this one. They often serve as PCPs, so have a long-term relationship, but really help families navigate multiple specialists and needs.
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If you want to work with peds and adults with IDD/Autism, definitely consider NDD. There includes training across the lifespan and neurologic care. There is a particular niche for transitional care as well. Genetics may not be the best place for that particular interest unless you really are only interested and sending etiologic testing. If you are interested in longitudinal care and evaluations and management, NDD is where it's at. for more info on the specialty.
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