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Feb 11, 2006
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I just had a question for people who have used Peer for questions. I currently got a copy of Peer VI, but I just found out that Peer VII is coming out this medyear, if not already. My question is do each version differe significantly from one another? If they do, I wouldn't mind keeping Peer VI and then maybe getting Peer VII later down the road. If they are not that different, I guess I would just return Peer VI as I have not opened it yet. Any thought for people who have used different versions of Peer.


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Dec 6, 2000
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One of our attendings donated a zillion books when our program started, so we had like PEER 3 - 6. There wasn't THAT much of a difference, just updated questions and some new questions. But you would see some fo the same questions on all the different versions. I woudln't sweat it too much, just use PEER 6.

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