Jul 18, 2011
Medical Student
Hello Everyone!

So several months back, a group of students from different medical schools throughout the US got together to form a small network of pen pals. We would write to one another and share our experiences throughout the year. The original few of us began spreading the word to our classmates and soon the network grew a bit larger, and larger…and larger. We quickly discovered that this was a quick/easy way for med students to vent some of their thoughts/emotions during some of the most stressful times of our lives, and wanted to share this opportunity with as many medical students as we could. Students have found the opportunity to write to a stranger who shares their perspective to be extremely refreshing. It's not always easy to share what's on your mind with someone outside of medicine as sometimes it's harder for them to understand all the bull**** that plagues students, no matter the location.

Thus, The Sympathetic Chain was born! We launched the website in the Spring of 2015 and soon the the TSC Directory reached over 500+ students from nearly 50 countries around the world. It was truly a remarkable outcome that we are all very proud of. We have students from South Africa writing to students in New Zealand, Argentina to Germany, China to Norway, and the map continues to grow...

We wanted to take this opportunity to extend the reach of the website further and post it here where we may be able to reach some additional students whom may not have heard about it through the grapevine. Below you will find the link to the website. It's absolutely FREE and this website merely serves as the sign-up page upon which you will fill out a some basic information so we can manually match you with a pen pal that meets as much of your criteria as we are able to find.

It's awesome to see how far this network has reached and how it continues to grow every week so we wanted to try to keep it alive, so feel free to visit the site and check it out!


LINK: http://www.sympatheticchain.com


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Dec 28, 2011
Resident [Any Field]
I tried and none of my pen pals wrote back after an email or two :(

...maybe it's just me....
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