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  1. J

    LGBTQIA+ Medical Student Survey

    Research study currently being performed on the experiences of LGBTQIA+ medical students:
  2. J

    LGBTQIA+ Medical Student Survey

    Research study currently being performed on the experiences of LGBTQIA+ medical students:
  3. Cucumber Richard

    Ophthalmology Residency - What are my chances?

    Hello SDN community, I'm a third year med student who's recently been contemplating applying to an ophtho residency (TLDR - Feel free to skip intro to bullets for a summary of my app). I've been fairly set on psychiatry for most of my med school career for a handful of reasons chiefly ability...
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  5. wysdoc

    2023-2024 Yale

    Thank you @SmokeyBear_is_my_dad for sharing this year's questions. 2023-2024 Yale Secondary Prompts If you are not currently in college, what are your plans for this year? Required Essay 1 (Please limit your response to 500 words): Yale School of Medicine values diversity in all its forms...
  6. 0

    Learned my lesson about providing family members with "medical opinion"

    Disclaimer: I always dread being asked my "medical opinion" by family, and I make it a point to say that I have no "medical opinion" to give. I am only an M2. The only opinion I can give is a personal one and I'd much prefer to give no opinion. But anyway... My MIL calls my partner last night...
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  8. Y

    Masters Program Personalized Medicine and Applied Engineering- Yale

    Hello! I work on for Yale University's new masters program that is taught jointly by the Yale School of Medicine and Yale School of Engineering. The degree provides medical students, biomedical, mechanical, and electrical engineers, and computer science majors with the tools to develop...
  9. M

    possible dismissal from BS/MD

    Okay so let me break it down. I am currently an M1 in a BS/MD program. I look a leave of absence because I wasn't doing so well and was so drained from coming right out of HS into this program and getting my BS in 3 years and then doing medical school online during a pandemic. I got AMAZING...
  10. F

    Beautiful 3 bed / 2.5 bath Luxury New Construction - Close to Medical Center and In - Demand Areas - 2,100/mo

    MOVE IN SPECIAL - Deposit doesn’t have to be paid in full upfront!! Split deposit payments. Time frame dependent on credit history, inquire about move in special. Looking for a new place to rent with close proximity to the Downtown Houston, Medical Center, UofH/TSU, Galleria, Pearland, and...
  11. Lugh

    Is it better than Anki???

    I discovered memcode a year ago. It is meant to help people learn hard sciences and coding. But you can copy and paste pictures directly into the flashcards. There are two types of flashcards: front/back and occlusions. It is also really pretty and super easy to make a lot of flashcards really...
  12. Rakan Rasheed

    low GPA and medical residency

    Hello guys . I just graduated from medical college (IMG) but with a Low GPA unfortunately. and I'm passionate to become an Ophthalmologist, first, is the low GPA will Affecting my residency application? second is there a thing that makes it up like good usmel score or research, latter of...
  13. I

    IR/DR Rank List Help

  14. G

    Confused about doing a PhD or internal medicine residency

    I am an international student. My future goal is to do research in bioscience field in USA with seeing patients (80/20 ratio). As a general norm, most people do residency in their preferred fields and then do post docs so that they could become physician scientists. However, going through...
  15. K

    MD Advice on FULL SPECTRUM fam med residencies please :)

    Hi all! I'm a current MS3 and looking to apply to family medicine next year. I'm from the midwest but would like to go some place new, especially interested in places with full scope practices and particularly a lot of OB experience that could ultimately allow me to be primary on c-sections...
  16. C

    OBGYN vs. Gen Surg vs. What Else? Advice for a (probably too far) forward-thinking male M1

    So I'm an M1 at my state's allopathic program. I'm non-traditional, 27 yo, with a wife and 9 month old queen. Medicine is my passion. I'm super thankful to be where I am. I think it's incredible that I get to learn all this awesome stuff about the human body and then actually use it to make...
  17. J

    Mods delete please, in wrong forum

  18. T

    The Shelf Life of Psych Podcast

    Mods, feel free to remove this if it’s illegal, I couldn’t figure out how to message you before posting this. So I’m an intern and recently started a podcast called the shelf life of psych. It’s intended for third and fourth year medical students to prepare for their psychiatry rotations and...
  19. D

    Low COMLEX wanting OB/Gyn.

    Hi all, I am hesitant to write about this because I really don't need any negativity right now, but I just received my COMLEX Level 1 score and it was way lower than I thought (under 500). I'm pretty disappointed, especially since my predicted was MUCH higher. I'm thinking of doing OB and am...
  20. C

    Does this counts as clinical experience?

    Hello, I am currently pre med and I have struggled with finding clinical experience because where I live is REALLY hard to find this kind of opportunities and with COVID still around is way harder. I found this volunteer opportunity and I was wondering if it would count as clinical experience...
  21. J

    Neurology Education Podcast

    Hi all, I'm the education chief resident of neurology at Washington University. I just launched an educational podcast with a mission of teaching the fundamentals of clinical neurology. Check it out if you're interested: Home - Brain Boy Neurology. I'll be dropping a new podcast every two...
  22. AR1109

    Boyfriend in first year of podiatry med school

    Hi all! I’m new here. I wanted to hop on this forum for support in being a “medwife.” I seem to be struggling in our relationship with my SO being so busy all the time. So I get it and I let him study and do his thing but the smallest things will get me upset. For example, weekends are his true...
  23. BaDing

    Are there any medical schools to avoid?

    Hello, I am applying and wondering if there are any MD or DO schools that should be avoided in any of your opinions? And why? I know new schools are risky - are there any exceptions this year? Sorry, I keep searching for this and can’t find any threads on it. I understand this will be largely...
  24. S

    Johns Hopkins Interventional Radiology Symposium *Invite*

    The Seldinger Society at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine cordially invites you to join our 2020 Virtual Interventional Radiology Medical Student Symposium on Saturday October 24th, 2020. The symposium will take place as a webinar format from 9AM to 2PM EST. In the past, the IR...
  25. G

    New MS3 in need of help- interested in anesthesiology

  26. M

    Virtual Open House for UNLV IM residency 9/22

    I apologize if this is in the wrong thread. If it is you can delete and I will repost in the appropriate location. Thank you. Good morning everyone! My name is Mohsin and I am one of the current chief residents for internal medicine at the University of Nevada Las Vegas School of Medicine...
  27. U

    UCLA Radiology Residency Virtual Meet & Greet - Join us on Oct. 1st & 8th from 6-7pm PST

    Happy Wednesday everyone, hope everyone is having a great September so far! Our UCLA Radiology residency program is hosting two upcoming virtual sessions for prospective applicants interested in learning more about our program. These will occur on October 1st and 8th from 6:00-7:00 pm PST. We...
  28. J

    Mount Sinai West Radiology Residency Q&A!

    Come join faculty and residents of Mount Sinai West Radiology Residency for a zoom chat! Open to all questions! REGISTER HERE
  29. DrStephenStrange

    2020 Program director survey is out.
  30. H

    [Research Opportunity in Dermatology] Johns Hopkins Itch Fellowship

    Title: Johns Hopkins Itch Fellowship Fellowship Director: Shawn Kwatra, MD Duration: 1 year Description: Under the direction of Dr. Shawn Kwatra, the Johns Hopkins Itch Fellowship is interviewing for a position starting in March 2021 (starting date flexible). The fellow will engage in...
  31. D1Bound

    Dental student interaction with Medical student

    So it seems like in undergrad every pre med student I met said something along the lines of "I couldn't deal with mouths that's gross" or "dentistry is boring" whenever I stated I was interested in dentistry. Let's ignore the fact that medicine involves rectal exams and many "gross" things. It's...
  32. Rudab

    2020-2021 Dermatology Research Fellowship for Medical Students

    SUNY Downstate Medical Center & Mount Sinai Medical Center - Paid Medical Student Dermatology Clinical Research Fellowship New York Paid Pre-Doctoral Dermatology (medical student) Clinical Research Fellowship Start Date: July 15th, 2020 Length: 1 year Application Deadline: Open until filled...
  33. bsneuroscience

    Is it worth it?

    Hi all, I am currently a junior in undergrad on the premed track and I would appreciate some guidance on my path before I continue forward. I posted this in the r/premed forum but I wanted to get more insight. This pandemic has given me a lot of time to think, reflect, and soul search. One of...
  34. H

    Resident spouse doesn't want to do couple therapy with current medical student

    Hey there, My husband and I have been married since he got in medical school. I went straight to the workforce while he continued medical school right out of college. I've been supporting him in any way I can during his med school and residency years but honestly I can't say the same to him. It...
  35. D

    Advice on getting into COVID-19 research

    Does anyone have any advice on finding PIs/institutions that are interested in COVID-19 research proposals? I have been investigating an idea for an antigen test based on previous projects I have done. The only issue is my network is very tight and I just do not know who to talk to.
  36. H

    Non -US IMG Here, when to take USMLE exams?

    Hi there, I am currently a first year medical student in China leading up to an MBBS(in english taught curriculum) degree. (To be clear, I am an Indian National) I want to do my residency in the US. Though I am an non-US IMG, I will become a permanent resident soon. My course duration is 6 years...
  37. L

    Back Pain and Sleep survey - Enter Drawing for one of four $25 Visa Gift Cards

    We are two medical students conducting a research study and invite you to participate in a study about sleep and lower back pain. We also invite you to enter a drawing for a chance of one of four $25 visa gift cards. This study will take less than 5 minutes and all responses are collected...
  38. A

    232 on Step 1, Advice on Residency Options

    Hey everyone! Just wanted advice from those who are more experienced on whether there is more of a disadvantage with a score close to the national average to get into good residency programs in large urban cities. I am not interested in ophthalmology, surgical specialties, or Internal Med. Are...
  39. A

    Host in Seattle

    Hello, I am a 4th year medical student and I am considering taking a research year. I found a research opportunity via my school however it involves spending 2 months in Seattle. I don't know anyone that lives in Seattle and I am under a financial burden. I would like to know if anyone would be...
  40. A

    Elective Advice

    I have been interested in Cardiology since undergrad and despite keeping an open mind through med school, I still feel like it's far and above my favorite. One of my first rotations is an elective. Sounds like a great chance to get into a cardiology away rotation early on but being that I'm...