Penn State vs UTMB

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May 15, 2024
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Hi everyone! 😃 I'd appreciate any help as I decide between these two schools. I've been leaning towards Penn State because I like the overall vibe and the chance to live somewhere new.

Penn State


  • Slightly higher rank (#72 in residency PD rank)
  • Research is integrated into the curriculum
  • Humanities focus
  • Opportunity to pursue MD/MBA
  • Home residency programs in all specialties
  • On-campus housing available
  • Excellent match list
  • Cost ($65k)
  • Far away from family
  • Free response exams
  • Hershey is a small city


  • Cost ($28k - Texas tuition is amazing)
  • Closer to family
  • Relaxed/friendly environment (has an "island vibe")
  • NBME exams
  • Decent match list
  • 4 years on an island might feel isolating
  • Slightly lower ranked (#85 in residency PD rank)
  • Threat of tropical storms
  • May require more driving for clinical sites
  • Class size (~230) is relatively large
Many people might choose UTMB solely for the cost difference, but I'm wondering if I'm being unreasonable to consider Penn State? Any thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Yeah, no reason to pay the extra tuition AND leave your support system. UTMB has all subspecialties in-house. No real advantage to Penn State.
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Why would you spend $37k more per year to live in Hershey PA of all places? Not even like it’s NYC or Boston or something. It’s literally middle of no where Pennsylvania lol

UTMB wins by a long shot

Edit: I just noticed the Free Response Exams. I almost threw up. I genuinely don’t see the pros of going to Penn State at all
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