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Penn state


Full Member
10+ Year Member
Nov 8, 2008
Any one got accepted or wait listed for Penn State University park or any of their other campuses if yes what were ur gpa like and sat scores? Please help me i want to see if i at least have a shot of getting in.


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Apr 28, 2007
  1. Attending Physician
Hey, I applied to PSU several years ago for the class of '09. I got accepted to UPark with an 1190 on the old SAT and a GPA of 3.99 which is mostly A's and a few B's. I did the normal stuff in HS such as volunteer, NHS, student council. I know someone that applied and he got in with a higher GPA, but lower SAT: 1060ish?

EyEnStein 07

Senior ɸ Member
10+ Year Member
Apr 6, 2008
East Coast
  1. Pre-Health (Field Undecided)
According to Collegeboard, for University Park:

60% + students who got accepted had over 3.5 GPA
also their median range for SAT's are:

SAT Critical Reading: 530 - 630 85% SAT Math: 560 - 670
85%directly from CB

If you have a 1200/1600 SAT, i would say your fine.

I do have a friend who got into Penn State Abington last year, hes a freshman this year. His SAT scores were 1080/1600 and he had a 3.3 GPA, but ofcourse UNiversity Park is the best one.
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