Perio residency reviews?

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Feb 23, 2024
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I will be applying to perio programs this upcoming cycle and have started reviewing different programs.

What is everyone's opinion about programs I should consider or even those I should stay away from? Location does not matter. I'm interested in more clinical experiences over research, multi-disciplinary treatment planning (prosth, ortho, etc), and strong faculty support.

I found this old thread, but it may be outdated by now (2013): Perio Programs and applying

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Look into stipend based programs.
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Look into stipend based programs.
Thank you.

I reviewed a few of the programs that offer a stipend, but here are my thoughts:
1. Mayo clinic: has only one faculty, not very strong in implantology, seems like they spend more time conducting research/hospital rotations vs clinical perio.
2. VA clinics (Manhattan, West LA, Indianapolis): it seems these programs pay a large stipend, but the residents do not receive much faculty guidance in clinic. Also, since these patients are medical complex, it seems they spend a lot of time with medical consults/clearances rather than the typical healthy that is ready for implants, esthetic crown lengthening, osseous surgery, etc.
3. UCLA: no idea the quality of education there. Seems like they recently changed program directors.

If anyone has any input or could provide me with moire guidance, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!