(Peripartum) Psychiatry Training in OB/GYN?

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Dec 6, 2019
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I am wondering how an OBGYN resident can get a more robust training in psychiatry.
For both personal reasons and just seeing the need, I really hope to become very competent in this area. I realize that psychiatry and counseling is often the golden standard for more severe cases of PPD, PMDD, etc but I hope to provide a better bridge until those services can be rendered. I also want to do the best I can for the cases I do co-manage with psychology/counseling.

I don’t believe there are fellowships though I’ve seen they are in the process of starting them potentially.

What can I look for in a residency to get this exposure? What can I do beyond residency? Im about to start rotations, what can I do now? Any ideas are much appreciated.

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There are informal fellowships. A friend of mine did one at Northwestern and I'm pretty sure you could set something up with UNC (one of the only peripartum inpatient psych departments in the country). I think they are more casual / working fellowships (like you are working as an attending but doing some element of training). Reach out to faculty who do work in this area if nothing formal is published.