1. N

    Tell me: Who made you fall in love with psych?

    So, Here's my story: Thought I was gonna be a radiologist until a while back but then psychiatry allured me in a way that I couldn't stop thinking about it, I do like radiology but I just think it would be a waste of my talents (I am a good listener and communicator, love hearing peoples' life...
  2. M

    Top Psychiatry Residencies w/ DO residents (past or present)

    I am curious what would be considered the 'top' psychiatry residency programs that have accepted DO students? I know University of Michigan, Cleveland Clinic, and Mayo Clinic have all had DO psych residents, but was curious if y'all knew of other strong programs that have accepted DO students...
  3. S

    Medical Specialties Choice (Peds, Psych, and Neuro)

    Hi guys, I'm looking at several specialties that may be a strong fit for me. My interests are treating children with neurodevelopmental disorders and do autism, ADHD, and learning disabilities research. I've been pretty set on Pediatric Neurology. But, I'm aware that there are several pathways...
  4. whosnisarg

    Psych -> Pain Fellowship?

    Hey all! I was just curious - any psychiatry trained pain medicine physicians out there? If not, why? I'd think (very ignorantly I'll presume) that because pain can be an emotional response, psychiatry-pain physicians could be helpful, no? In terms of fellowship, are there any that would...
  5. medflava

    Psychiatry Residency Interviews in Missouri

    Hi guys, Can you tell me if you had any Psychiatry residency interviews in Missouri? If so can you let me know how it went? These are the programs I can think of? 1. Washington University/B-JH/SLCH Consortium Program 2. St Louis University School of Medicine Program 3. Kansas City University...
  6. T

    Psychiatry ROL!

    Hi, I would immensely appreciate any insight and opinions on the following Psychiatry programs: - Baystate Medical Center/UMMS (Springfield, MA) - Berkshire Medical Center (Pittsfield, MA) - Harvard South Shore/Brockton VA (Brockton, MA) - Wright Center for GME (Scranton, PA) - St. Elizabeth's...
  7. meow1985

    Licensing question

    Hi, it's me again. I swear, this license application is making me cry for the 5th time now. I need input on how to answer the following question: "Have you ever been notified of any investigation by any state medical board, medical society, or any hospital of any complaints against you...
  8. U


  9. It's Over 9000!

    Importance of Research Presentations

    I'm a 3rd year medical student who was a co-author on a neurology paper and invited to present at a neurology research conference. However the issue is that I would be missing 3-5 days of my psychiatry rotation (that I can potentially make up), and it would cost quite a bit of money to fly over...
  10. D

    Non-Traditional Applicant For Psych Programs

    Hi situation is a bit odd...I graduated from UCSD in 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology (Physiology and Neuroscience)..I originally wanted to go to medical school and was a pre-med but it did not happen. Unfortunately my father became really sick and I ended up taking care...
  11. H

    [Answered] - DO with a Bachelor's in psych and interest in psychiatry?

    Hi there, So I'm thinking of majoring in psychology, but I'm worried that it would make my interest in psychiatry blatantly obvious and I am currently operating under the (possibly ignorant) assumption that psychiatry is the specialty that benefits the least from OMM. Does anyone know if it...
  12. Pakku-man

    Can we bill sufficiently for Mental Health Services while a patient is admitted for a different dx?

    Hello everyone, I will be starting out as an medicine attending soon and wondered about the following question: "Is there meaningful financial support with medicare or private insurance that would help hospitals afford and provide mental health services such as cognitive behavioral...
  13. M

    What is residency like for psychiatry vs regular dr?

    Just curious, do psychiatry students in residency put in the same long long hours as regular drs in residency? How does it compare? How grueling is it? Thanks!
  14. T

    Unofficial WAMC Thread Psychiatry Residency 2020

    Posted on the old thread a while ago and didn't see a new thread, but I am looking for advice on how many programs to apply to, and what type of programs I would be considered at. I am happy to do residency anywhere, but if I could be in Cal, AZ, or Texas that would be best (I know California is...
  15. P

    Got a TY offer in SOAP, didn't match into Psych

    Hi everyone, Thanks for reading this. So I'm really conflicted as to what to do here. My apps were delayed a few weeks in the fall due to a late LOR and I ended up not matching into Psych. I got a TY in SOAP and I know I should be grateful for that, but so far the program does not seem great...
  16. S

    Position Wanted PGY1 or PGY2 Psych position anywhere

    Please message me if any open positions
  17. TikiTorches

    Lawsuit Filed against ABPN by 2 psychiatrists

    Lazarou et al v. American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology: COMPLAINT filed by Emily Elizabeth Lazarou, Aafaque Akhter; Jury Demand. Filing fee $ 400, receipt number 0752-15562449.(Curley, C.) It is easier to read the top section that is 35 pages long. They put alot of thought into this. It...
  18. brdlh_15

    How competitive is psychiatry becoming? Advice

    I've been interested in psychiatry ever since I can remember. Currently, I'm a second year MD student (class of 2021) from a mid tier medical school preparing for the Step 1. I failed two basic science courses and successfully remediated (one in M1 and another at the end of M2). As all of that...
  19. PsychPop

    Plans for Medical school, could this work?

    Hello guys! So currently an undergraduate majoring in psychology set to graduate in spring of 2020. my GPA should end up in the 2.9-3.1 range when that happens. I have been juggling the idea of therapy and getting my masters in marriage and family (MFT) BUT, my mind has been thinking more and...
  20. @

    12+ Interviews and No Match or SOAP, How to strengthen application for next cycle?

    Hey Guys, Congrats to all those who Matched Monday and will find out where tomorrow. Unfortunately, I was not as lucky. I had 12+ Interviews and all went GREAT (or so I thought) and ranked every single one but no luck. My stats are as follows: Osteopathic Medical Student Step 1: 218 COMLEX 1...
  21. S

    Position Swap PGY 2 FM for PGY 1 or PGY2 Psych

    If interested please PM me, thank
  22. lockian


    I'm trying to look at jobs but on job sites I'm finding myself wading through tons of recruiter posts. For a midsize metro area, the twin cities metro area in MN has ~20 jobs, and who knows how many of those are actually still available and how many of those other people are looking at. I...
  23. lockian

    Twin Cities, MN psychiatry jobs

    PGY3 in psychiatry here, looking ahead to the next step of attending-hood. I would like to move to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and I'm wondering what the job market is like. Not saturated, I hope? What health systems are good vs best to steer clear of?
  24. InsertMemberNameHere

    All Branch Topic (ABT) Financial Assistance Program + Fellowship

    I have a question about the Financial Assistance Program that I couldn't find with the SDN search function. I am planning to sign up for the Financial Assistance Program if I (hopefully) match into a civilian psychiatry residency this upcoming March. I am also interested in completing a child...
  25. S

    Psych Post AOA match

    Are there any positions left? I looked on the AOA post match site and didn't even see psych listed as a specialty
  26. E

    AMG senior with iis and Step 2 CS retake pass - how screwed am I?

    As the subject line states, I am a senior at an American MD school, applying psychiatry, with a CS retake pass. I was fortunate enough to receive multiple interview invites (all of which I attended), No other red flags, and all other Steps were first-time passes. With the recent increase in...
  27. Mikracaz

    Psychiatry Residency ranking

    Hi everyone! I would really appreciate your opinion about the programs that invited me for interviews. I’m an IMG, and I don’t know much about the reputation of the programs, whether they’re malignant or not and so on. I’m aware that my choices should be made based on my impressions about...
  28. W

    Why should I pursue Psychiatry?

    Hello everyone, first time poster (but long-time lurker)! Disclaimer: I've read basically ALL the threads on Applying to Psychiatry on "Psych vs neurology/IM/FM" and "Defending Psychiatry/Choosing Psychiatry", so it's not like I didn't search for answers... Disclaimer 2: English is not my...
  29. Bwright007

    The Tough Life of a Recruiter

    Everyone hates me! No seriously, no one likes being called by a locum tenens recruiter. I asked this question on another thread, but I'm trying to take a different approach to the industry by asking first hand students, graduates, and tenured psychiatrists on here. Unfortunately my job is...
  30. PsychPop

    MA/MS MS program advice

    Hello all! So, I am an undergrad working towards a BS in psychology; I was originally majoring in Marketing but after talking with my family psychologist whom I've known for years, as well as two therapists who recommended I look into therapy as a career I chose to switch majors and I never...
  31. S

    Rate my Chances for Residency Please

    Hi, I was really nervous about the match so I wanted some feedback on my current application status. I'm a U.S. MD grad applying for psychiatry. Failed step 1 and did much better the second time with an average score. Step 2 CS and CK pending (I know I have to work hard on this) Otherwise...
  32. F

    Triple Board Residency- Would anyone be able to tell me of their experience?

    Hi there, Is there anyone who has completed/is currently in a triple board program (peds/adult psych/child psych)? If so, where? How did you go about deciding on triple board? What do most triple boarders end up doing career wise? This is actually my dream residency program. I really interested...
  33. M

    Psychology or Psychiatry?..Please help...

    So I am feeling very overwhelmed right now in terms of which career path to take. Currently I am a freshman in a public state university, majoring in Psychology. Originally, I had wanted to become a clinical psychologist. Now, I am not so sure. Although it does interest me, I feel extremely...
  34. S

    How to write letters of interest?

    Title says it all. I tried looking online, searching through forums. Does anyone give some tips on contents for letters of interests to programs that I want to interview at but haven't received the invite?
  35. Crayola227

    NYT article on autoimmune neurology

    Opinion | He Got Schizophrenia. He Got Cancer. And Then He Got Cured.
  36. J

    UBH Are you serious....

    I'm hoping to get some opinions on this... I took a position with a group practice 6 months ago. I have been building a panel on the slower side and talked to my medical director about this, however the admin told me that once I got on UBH I would be fine and ramp up. Little did I know that...
  37. W

    Couples Match Question

    appreciate any help I can get here. I’m applying psychiatry, partner in Pediatrics. Both US MDs with no red flags. I found a previous thread on the psychiatry forum about PDs at the same program possibly talking to each other before ranking—what about before giving out interviews? My SO is a...
  38. Waldeinsamkeit

    Conservative Programs

    I will be applying in September and I was hoping for some insight. I would prefer a more conservative psychiatry program if such a thing exists. Would you let me know your experience? I know the University of Chicago is generally more conservative, but I also know that psychiatry as a whole...
  39. S

    Considering med school, possible interest in academic medicine and psychiatry

    27 year old female, career-changer ORM CA resident Stats: overall gpa (ug + post-bacc) : 3.5 sgpa (ug + post-bacc): 3.3 post-bacc gpa: 3.5 post-bacc sgpa: 3.4 top 10 public undergrad w/ non STEM major - cgpa 3.4, sgpa: 3.25 haven't taken MCAT yet, practice MCAT score is not stellar: 500 -...
  40. G

    Question about specialty - psychiatry

    hi, I’m not sure if this is the correct place to post this. Anyway, I am curious about psychiatry. I am in undergrad right now, and psych is an interest of mine. What is it like? I know that is broad but any info or experiences about encounters is psych rotation would be great. Also, I’d love to...