1. mcatqueen

    Position Wanted Child psych (CAP) fellowship spot wanted!

    Hi all, as the title states, I am looking for an unfilled spot in child psych (CAP) fellowship. I know there have to be unfilled spots, but I am having difficulty finding them. Please reply or PM me with any leads. Thank you so much in advance!
  2. T

    MD & DO Developmental Peds (vs Child Psych)

    I’m a MS4 really interested in dev peds but I sometimes wonder if it makes more sense to go into psych instead of peds if I already know now that I want to do more behavioral work. I also fear that because I’m location bound due to having a family, I might not get into dev peds fellowship...
  3. Paul Scalzo

    Navigating the Military Application Process in Psychiatry

    Hello Everyone! Interested in learning more about military residency and fellowship applications for those in psychiatry? Well, we have the event for you. The Society of Uniformed Services Psychiatrists (SUSP) is hosting a webinar on Navigating the Military Application Process in Psychiatry with...
  4. P

    Psych opportunity

    NYC Hospital 1 vacant position for a Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Fellow. General Psych, Peds, FM, IM residents welcome to apply Minimum qualifications for Opportunity: Interest in Psychiatry Medical School Graduate Passing all USMLEs, Step 3 preferred but not required. At least 1 year of any...
  5. C

    Philosophy in Psychiatry Survey Study

    Hello, We are conducting a questionnaire survey to investigate psychiatry trainees’ attitudes towards conceptual and philosophical issues in psychiatry and psychiatric training. The survey is takes 5-10 minutes to complete. Responses are anonymous and no personal information is recorded. Some...
  6. B

    Air Force HPSP - Should I Do It?

    Hi everyone! I am pre-med and will matriculate this fall 2023. I have applied for the Air Force HPSP and am set to attend MEPS next week. As the official commitment gets closer, I am getting nervous about making such a huge commitment. I am looking for honest and thoughtful guidance on HPSP and...
  7. D

    Beware of Hawaii Psychiatry Residency

    University of Hawai'i Psychiatry Residency is risky because of its legal structure, culture, and recent history. Legally, it is unique because residents are employed by a corporation known as Hawaii Residency Programs. HRP is employed by the University of Hawaii. This gives the program...
  8. H

    Psychiatry as a Specialty Choice

    When I was growing up, I had always thought I'd want to be a psychiatrist. I then experienced significant emotional and, at times, physical abuse at the hands of a family member, and that family member ultimately committed suicide. This whole situation is incredibly complex and not really...
  9. Metamorphosis.DO

    (Peripartum) Psychiatry Training in OB/GYN?

    I am wondering how an OBGYN resident can get a more robust training in psychiatry. For both personal reasons and just seeing the need, I really hope to become very competent in this area. I realize that psychiatry and counseling is often the golden standard for more severe cases of PPD, PMDD...
  10. C

    Position Wanted PGY1 IM looking for swap to Psychiatry or PGY2 openings

    Current PGY1 IM resident in good standing looking to transition to Psychiatry for a start in July 2023 (or sooner). So far I have been using the APA Clearinghouse, ResidentSwap, and looking at individual program websites to search for possible openings. Any advise or information on programs...
  11. Alemo

    Child development book

    Hi all, Any recommendations on a book about child development? I’m asking as a soon to be new parent and am looking for something that would compliment knowledge we’ve learned in psychiatry training (though I’m not child trained). Side question: My mother in law once said that my spouse and I...
  12. T

    Chances of matching into psych?

    Hi guys, Essentially, medical school has been hell. I ended up failing anatomy in my first semester. The school had me (and others in the same boat) take spring semester off and restart with next year's class and repeat all courses. I went ahead and scored mostly B/C's in the major preclinical...
  13. D

    Help me with my ROL for Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

    Yale New Haven Track Yale Solnit Track NYP Columbia-Cornell CHA BCH NYU Tuft University of Michigan I have been having a hard time deciding which one to put first between Yale, and NYP Columbia-Cornell. Felt really good vibes from both programs. I also had a really good experience with CHA...
  14. milan95

    Yale Psych drama and current state of the program

    Hello, There has been yale PD drama that has been making waves. Psychiatry residents voice concern over new program director If there are any residents or those affiliated with the program willing to comment, can we get some insight into any resident concerns with the program? Do you feel...
  15. K

    Seeking advice for psychiatry programs to signal in Midwest

    Hi all! Applying to psych (stats below). I moved to the midwest at 17 and did undergrad and med school at my state school. I like my city but would love to go somewhere more diverse. That being said, I am not the most competitive applicant and recognize I have a decent shot at midwest programs...
  16. M

    Graduate School for Psychedelic Medicine

    Hello, I am wondering if you can offer me any advice on the following: I am a 29-year old woman who currently resides in Montana. I want to pursue a career in psychedelic psychiatry. As far as I know, the main program for this right now is The NYU Langone Psychedelic Medicine Research Training...
  17. W

    Help me rank my forensic psychiatry fellowship shortlist

    Hi everyone, PGY-2 in psych and currently trying to learn as much as I can about the field of forensic psychiatry and what the programs offer. There is actually very limited information online comparing programs. I think I've read almost every post on the website, and I'm still a little lost...
  18. R

    Inquiry from New York Times journalist

    I'm a science editor at the New York Times, working on research for a story about ECT. Given the robust evidence base for the treatment, I'm trying to better understand why ECT use in the United States has been declining over the past couple of decades. I'm hoping to speak with doctors who have...
  19. D

    Opportunity for IMG's across Canada (ideally) to gain experience

    I am a fully licensed board certified General Psychiatrist and have a sub specialization as a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist. My background is that I completed my medical school training in Ireland, matched in the first CARMS iteration and completed residency and subspecialty training in BC...
  20. S

    Frantic about what specialty to go into FM, psych, Neuro, IM???? Need advice

    Okay I'm a third year D.O. Canadian (need visa) with level 1 score of 428 (just passed) and 50-75th percentile class ranking and no usmle. Long story short I wanted to do psych and Neuro in undergrad and still am very interested in these subjects, coming into medical school I was aiming for...
  21. Sidus1011

    How to approach pre-clinical years for Psych?

    I'm going to be starting my first year this fall at a D.O. school and just wanted to get a sense of how to approach my interest in psychiatry. I have been working as a guardian advocate at a local mental health facility where I get to see some of the psychotherapy and clinical aspects of psych...
  22. R

    Position Swap FM PGY-1 wanting to swap to Psych PGY-1 anywhere! Also would be open to swap as FM PGY-2 to Psych PGY-2 in July, 2022. West Coast

    Hi, I am a current FM-PGY-1 in Oregon in a awesome program but would like to swap to PSYCH PGY-1 anywhere because Psych is my passion. Please let me know if interested, we can discuss specifics. Also would be open to swap as FM-PGY-2 to PSYCH PGY-2 beginning July 2022. Update: found position...
  23. D

    Child psychiatry combined program

    3rd year medical student here planning on applying to psych/child psych residencies this fall! I love both child and adult psychiatry, but working with children in their families is a MUST in my future practice. I am seeking advice on some great psychiatry residencies that either… 1) Offer...
  24. D

    Improving patient care

    Hello! As a mental healthcare professional, one of the things that I feel would be very useful to improving my patient care is to improve the collaborate care model, allowing patients more agency (aka let them navigate the ship), and improving data collection of their symptomatology over a...
  25. fellwynd2

    PhD/PsyD Whiny Neuropsychology vs Medicine Question/Rant

    I apologize for the whiny rant to come. I’ve posted on here before about my inability to decide between psychology and medicine, and I think I’m finally getting to the point where I can’t keep putting the decision off. I’ve finally realized that my ability to not decide is partially based off of...
  26. pyramyst

    Prosecutor to psychiatrist

    I’m changing careers from being a lawyer to wanting to be a psychiatrist. I graduated from UCSD in 2004 with a BS in Clinical Psych, 2012 USD Law School with my JD, barred in California and Hawaii. I was a prosecutor in Hawaii and realized there is a lot of unaddressed mental illness in the...
  27. L

    Position Wanted Looking for PGY1

    Looking for PGY1 in IM/FM/Pediatrics/Pathology or Psychiatry.
  28. jacob42

    How much pharmacology/psychopharmacology do you use/are you allowed to use as a psychiatrist?

    Considering whether I want to go into medicine. If I did, psychiatry is one of my major leanings as a speciality. I really love pharmacology and psychopharmacology—especially theorizing about things like augmentation strategies and visualizing how all these drugs interact in the brain...
  29. G

    Seeking Psychiatry Shadowing Chicago Area

    Hello, I'm seeking psychiatry shadowing/clinical opportunities in the Chicago area. Loyola University Chicago explained that we need to set up shadowing on our own during post-bacc. How do people go about finding these opportunities, and are there specific opportunities anyone can recommend? I...
  30. TragicalDrFaust

    Dissection work study vs pre study over the summer for a low C OMS-1 interested in psych

    I’m not a good student. I’ve gotten nearly straight C and low C’s at that. I’m leaning towards giving up the dissection work study (20 hours/week) and putting my efforts towards getting some extra board study in as well as making sure I have time to relax. I didn’t take time for myself over...
  31. R

    Need advice - Psych vs FM vs Peds (DO student post-merger)

    Hey guys, Need thoughts. I only took COMLEX 1 (~600), no step 1. I really loved child psych, peds, and FM rotations. -FM: Love that you can build relationships with adults and kids over time. Don't want to do many procedures or manage HTN and DM all day though...Long hours/exhausting? Some...
  32. goatcrossing

    Is rural clinical psych in demand the way psychiatry is?

    I'm a college student, currently premed psychiatry hopeful, thinking about switching over my goals to Clinical Psych Ph.D. but still mulling it over. One big selling point for me about going into Psychiatry is my desire to live somewhere rural when it's all said and done-- set up a PP, do a...
  33. goatcrossing

    Psychopharmacology research in clinical psych vs. psychiatry?

    Hey all, this is my first post on here so feel free to beat me senseless if I break any rules. I am a college student currently on a pre-med track, aiming for psychiatry. I'm struggling to choose between psychiatry and clinical psych partially because I have a strong interest both in the...
  34. D

    Seroquel for Anxiety?

    Hello. I need help with figuring out this choice of medications.
  35. PreHippocrates

    Looking for what college mental health jobs are like

    Hey everyone, Please let me know if this is talked about elsewhere, but I couldn't find another thread. Background: I'm a PGY3 in the Northeast, and will be staring my 2-year CAP fellowship this summer. I'm interested in practicing in the Pacific NW after fellowship. I have a growing family...
  36. R

    Matching Psych with just comlex?

    Hey guys, I'm extremely interested in applying to psych residencies this fall. ~600 COMLEX 1 and decent amount of psych experience Do I have a shot given the increasing desirability of psychiatry? - Any advice?
  37. Stagg737

    Readings for Forensic Psychiatry

    Hey everyone, I'm currently exploring forensic psychiatry more and trying to figure out how to really learn more about the key aspects of the field. I've checked out the AAPL website and also looked at @splik 's recommendations on his list of 100 further readings (forever grateful for these...
  38. T

    Great places in the States for applying a psych residency ?

    Hi here , I'm an American IMG trying to broaden my horizons on where in the states would be a good place to apply for a psychiatry residency . I've been told there are great programs in California but besides that I have no clue about any other place. Any tiny little bit of information would be...
  39. S

    matching psychiatry with just comlex

    I'm a second year med student and am planning on taking comlex level 1 next June. I've been interested in psychiatry and my school advisor says I don't need a USMLE to match psych. I feel I may do poorly if I spread myself thin by preparing for two different exams content/styles. In general I...
  40. P

    Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship thoughts

    Hi, relatively new user here. Thanks in advance for your help! I am currently a PGY3 psych resident considering applying for an addiction psychiatry fellowship to start in July 2022. I have had an interest in the field of addictions even before starting residency and in an ideal world I would...