Personal Advice on Going from 20's to 30's HELP!

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Nov 29, 2007
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Hey guys!

I need advice in terms of improving my scores from 7-8 range to 10-11 range in 8-9 weeks....

I have the following books: TPR Online class books full set, Online princeton review tests/quizzes, Kaplan class books, EK books, and I'm getting Berkley Review next week....

So how can I improve in my 8 weeks going from 20's to 30 and above?

I seem to lack content knowledge from Bio, orgo, physics and gen chem and when I do practice tests; I realize if only I knew the equation or something trivial like that then I would have known how to do the problem.

I spent all of May reviewing Biology content and now I'm reviewing Orgo this week and then starting Chem/Physics next week.

I have been doing verbal tests every week and it's my score fluctuates from 7-9 using Kaplan's section test and score approximations.

I have been using Kaplan's online section tests/full-lengths to measure my progress...

Please offer advice on how to improve, how to be effective in my studying content/learning equations, and how to be productive in 8 weeks to get my goal score of 30-32.

Thanks for your help and I wish everyone the best of luck this summer!

*So far I have read Kaplan books last summer, EK books over winter break, and now I'm starting TPR online class books...and getting TBR in the mail next week.

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