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Jun 2, 2016
Pre-Occupational Therapy
Hi guys,

Can anyone help me how the format for the personal statement should be? I have about 900 words, is this too long? I do plan on calling each schools I'm looking into for more info. Also, should it be double spaced or single spaced?

Jul 25, 2017
If it makes you feel better, mine is about 1100 words, looking to trim down a bit but still will end up 1000+. Unless a school has specific guidelines, I can't imagine a program docking points off your statement unless it was unnecessarily long because of repetition and fluffing. As long as each sentence has meaning and you follow the prompt, I'm sure you would be fine.

I double- spaced mine because some of my other supplemental essays ask for MLA/APA formatting and I wanted to be consistent and its easier to read
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