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Jan 26, 2019
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Hello SDN, this is my first post here, though I've been lurking for some time.

Personal statements are hard because it's extremely difficult to capture your personality in words. Even if you have a great idea, or a fascinating experience, or a unique background, your essay will still look like everybody else's unless your individual voice comes through. Many people don't understand this. They think all you need is a catchy introduction, or a "story to tell," or whatever. This isn't true. Voice and style matter more than everything else, because that's what sets you apart. It's how your actual uniqueness—your personality—comes across. And it's *hard.*

I'm a writing tutor working from Chicago (I graduated from UChicago a few years back), and I have helped over 50 applicants to undergrad, grad school, law school, and med school, with their personal statements and essays. My method is centered around building the student's voice. We talk for a while over Skype, and then we work together to structure an essay that is eloquent, amusing, eye-catching, and legitimately unique.

Working with med school applicants has been a lot of fun for me, perhaps because it makes me feel especially useful: the personal statement is a vital part of the application, but pre-med courses don't prepare their students to write the sort of emotional, witty stuff that sets an applicant apart. It's a delight to see applicants' most meaningful experiences take shape before them on the page.

So, I'm offering a special deal of $60/hr for pre-meds who want help with their personal statements. (Because I've been successful with past students, my rate in the New York market is now upwards of $200/hr). If you don't want to continue working together after the first hour or two, I won't bill you a thing.

Just shoot me a message, and we'll start talking about how you can find your voice.

Best wishes,

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