1. Z

    Question about having attended two schools at the same institution

    Hello everyone, I was in 6-year Pharm D program at Rutgers - New Brunswick for a bit and then took a gap semester Then, transferred to School of Arts and Sciences (biggest school with the most majors) within Rutgers - New Brunswick where I finished my Bachelor's degree recently When I tried to...
  2. P

    Should I apply to Medical School?

    Hi everyone, I needed some advice so I figured I would come ask the community here! I am a current sophomore student( will be a junior starting this fall)who is debating whether to study for MCAT and take in Spring in order to apply for the next cycle, or if I should wait even longer and take...
  3. V

    Is it okay to talk about bisexuality in a diversity essay?

    I grew up in a very Catholic, southern household, and both my parents came from rural areas. I have no ill feelings towards Christianity or towards rural areas, and wouldn't change anything about myself or where I grew up. I feel like my orientation and the experiences I've had because of it...
  4. lifesperfection

    Complex Family Planning Fellowship Applications (2020-2021)

    Was hoping to get in touch with other people applying this cycle since everything will likely be online and we won't have the comradery of the interview trail. Wasn't sure where else to post, so decided to take it back to SDN, but haven't seen a FP topic in years, so it is likely a longshot...
  5. 4

    Which secondaries don’t ask about misdemeanors and/or criminal records?

    Hi all, I have a retail fraud misdemeanor from high school that will be expunged so I don’t have to report in primary. I’m wondering which schools’ secondaries don’t ask about criminal histories and misdemeanors. Mainly I’m trying to narrow down my school list. I’ll still apply to schools that...
  6. ripbabwe

    Withdrawing Application?

    Hi guys! I am a third year predental undergrad, so traditionally I should be applying to dental school this month. I have recently been thinking about taking a gap year though, for the purpose of making sure that dentistry is without a doubt the career I want for the rest of my life. I have been...
  7. R

    Disadvantaged status?

    Hi there, I'm wondering if I should classify myself as disadvantaged and write the essay. I was raised primarily by a single-mother, who (during my elm-middle school years) worked 3 jobs to put herself through school to become an elementary school teacher. We struggled, hard, and the struggle...
  8. dennis-brodmann

    Neurology Fellowship Season 2020-2021: What should PGY-3s consider with COVID-19 precautions if fellowship is outside of a match?

    Fellowship directors, current fellows, and future fellows - If COVID-19 precautions were to continue through the upcoming fellowship interview season (2020-2021), what recommendations would you make in applying to fellowships outside of a matching system (e.g., epilepsy)? Things are not as...
  9. S

    low gpa, interested in MD- advice for FL/MO

    Hoping for some realistic advice about my chances of an MD program/what i need on the MCAT my stats: cGPA: 3.5 and sGPA: 3.3 (not unlikely that I could end UG with a 3.55-3.6 GPA) MCAT unknown as of yet FL/MO residency highly selective undergrad Clinical experience: Kidney disease screening...
  10. elephantintheroom2121

    MD WAMC for 2021-2022 Cycle

    Hey guys, I am planning on taking a gap year to buff up my application. Below is a hypothetical app that I am working on turning into reality amidst all this COVID Chaos. I've put down what is definitely going to happen and what is still in the works. If you guys could look at my stats and let...
  11. rntodoctor

    Pass/Fail Pre-Med Courses

    Hi all! I'm currently a Registered Nurse turned Post-bacc Pre-med student. Due to the circumstances of this semester (finals were cancelled due to Corona Virus outbreak on campus), I was wondering about the risks of having a class reported as pass/fail on my transcript. We were given the option...
  12. M

    WAMC interview/accepted into MD program

    First post on here: I graduated last May 2019 with a B.S in Chemistry. GPA: 3.7 1st MCAT(2018): 499 2nd MCAT(2020): 518 Extracurricular Activities: -Shadowing(approx. 100 hours) -Medical clinic Volunteering(approx 150 hours) -3 semesters of independent organic chemistry research; currently...
  13. N


    Hey guys, I'm a D3 exploring oral surgery and will take the CBSE in August 2020. I plan on applying in the FY21 cycle ending in May 2021, which is my graduation month. I understand that I cannot start residency until the next year after getting accepted. Is there anyway I can apply for a...
  14. J

    EC’s and Personal Statement

    Hey! I’m new here, this has probably been answered. Just wondering in regards to the application if you discuss something in your personal statement should you not list it as an extracurricular? Or can you talk about it in your personal statement and then list it as an EC and further discuss...
  15. EngrSC

    University of Georgia c/o 2024

    IS applicant, non-trad, first time applying. Who’s in? :nailbiting:
  16. B

    Applying this cycle after voiding MCAT and punting on last cycle: outlook on time allocation and best interests

    Hello, thanks for reading and any input. I am a UC gradaute with ~3.9 sGPA/cGPA and a broad range of extracurricular experience, including undergraduate research, employment as an EMT/scribe, healthcare policy work, and some non-medical but application-pertinent work in electoral politics. I...
  17. S

    PHARMCAS personal statement feedback!!! Any help is much appreciated

    Hi guys! I am in the process of applying for pharmacy school. I just have a rough draft of my personal statement and I am quite unsure whether I am writing it in the right direction or not. Also very stressed out and worried because writing is not my area of expertise. So please let me know what...
  18. Potinator

    Experience for med school

    Hello. I’m a junior biology major and am planning to apply to osteopathic schools in the future. My cumulative gpa is about 3.5 but my science gpa is about 3.23. I know this isn’t very competitive but I wanted to know what my best options would be to improve my application. I am currently...
  19. halo1789

    Low sGPA, nursing student, 503 mcat

    What are my chances getting into DO school? I live in Mississippi SGPA- 2.7 which is very low I know CGPA- 3.2 I never took physiology in undergrad and only took one anatomy course. i went to an SMP and took medical physiology one and two and got C’s in them because I had no clue about...
  20. Tiff-of-knee

    experience contact info on OptomCAS

    What happens if I don't provide the contact info of my supervisors when filling in my "experiences" page? What happens if I don't hit "Yes" for the "Release Authorization (May we contact this organization?)" question? Is it favorable to provide contact info and Release Authorization? Thank you...
  21. BellaEXE

    What makes a strong application ?

    Put simply, in your experience or opinion what makes a strong application? Include examples (fictional or non) of grades, extracurricular's and other factors that would make medical schools interested.
  22. D

    Took the wrong course in college, can I say I repeated it? AACOMAS

    Last year I took a biochem/molecular biology course before I should have (chalk it up to poor advising and ignorance/ I had not taken the prerequisite course). This particular biochem course was also the course specifically for biochem majors, which I was not (i am ChemE). Anyway, I did not...
  23. Meera9

    Applying to medical school with my twin

    I have a question for all of you! I am applying to medical school currently, and my twin is also applying right now. I have a slightly higher GPA (.1 difference) and she has a higher MCAT score (by one point). We both are very involved with very different organizations and both have numerous...
  24. okaytran

    Lacking Publication/Presentation Effect on Residency Application

    Interest: PGY1 Acute Care I've had bad luck with my research. I was in a wetlab and also am a part of a clinical project right now. But due to the pitfalls of research (data coming out bad, project aims changing), I won't have any publications and will not be able to present any information at...
  25. A

    Apply as FMG or try to get Green Card before applications are due?

    Hi everyone. I am going to be an FMG once I graduate medical school, and I was wondering if it would be better to try to attain a green card beforehand by the time I have to apply for residency. Let me explain. My boyfriend (also in medical school where I am from) is a US citizen. We've been...
  26. M

    How is my application looking so far?

    Okay, so I need some advice. I am a sophomore Biology major with a 3.8 cGPA and 3.7 sGPA. MCAT: haven't taken yet, hoping for 510+ Community Service: I am very involved with my church and I have gone on multiple mission trips. Every year on Thanksgiving eve I go downtown and serve food to...
  27. K

    General Admissions & OTCAS 2019-2020 OTCAS Applicants

    Hi everyone! I am making this thread for those who are applying in the current cycle so we can all share tips with each other on the application process, interviews, and potentially find those who are admitted into the same school! Has anyone applied to Creighton/got an interview yet? I have...
  28. Kenyonmedic

    Advice for a veteran

    So I would first like to say I have visited my pre health advisor, but getting definitive answers seems awkwardly difficult. If any of you reading this can provide some insight I will be very grateful. - Service: 4 years as a medic in the 82nd airborne (army) - my numbers: 90 credit hours, GPA...
  29. P

    Do I really need shadowing hours? (Dental assistant)

    Hi y'all, Ive been a dental assistant for almost 4 years and I have my x-ray license. I hope to apply to dental school next cycle. I've noticed almost all schools require about 100 shadowing hours. Since I've been working for some time now, I think I have a pretty decent amount of...
  30. H

    What are my chances? PA to MD/DO in Texas

    Hello fellow med school applicants! I am currently in my clinical year of PA school. It’s a nice profession and thought this would be my end goal. However, this journey has only furthered my passion in medicine and don’t want to stop here. I want to go to medical school to deepen my medical...
  31. GizmoDartboardScene

    Evaluators/LOR: have i goofed up?

    I am in a bit of a tricky situation and would like some advice. I already have 3 evaluators who I recently found out will write me excellent evaluations. However, I asked 2 additional evaluators just in case as back-up. Unfortunately, these 2 additional evaluators... I am not sure what kind of...
  32. sorayah

    What are EC's that are interesting/make you stand out?

    I have the usual clinical volunteering, shadowing, research, etc. Just was curious to know for those already accepted or are applying to med schools, what are some activities you've done that are interesting and you'd think would make you stand out? I've begun starting a charity event, raising...
  33. P

    Personal Statement Review

    Hi everyone! Is anyone willing to look over my personal statement, and give some feedback! Would really appreciate it! Thanks
  34. A

    Past Supplemental App. Questions?

    Is there a thread going (or an old thread) of past Supplemental App. Questions? Here are the schools I'm interested in: UNC, UC San Fran, UL Chicago, USC, Pittsburgh, U of Washington, Wisconsin, UC Denver, UC San Diego, Northeastern
  35. R

    OAT Prep Calculation

    Hi all, I had a value calculation question about when I should take the OAT. Currently, I'm schedule to take it on June 29th. I picked this date so that I could begin submitting applications on day one of the application cycle for 2024. That being said, I feel like I'll be reasonably...
  36. jg2021

    What more can I do?

    I will be a junior this fall 2019 and i’m looking for ways to improve my application as this is sort of the final year I can do this unless I end up needing to take a gap year. I have a 3.5 gpa, which I know isn’t too good but I am on the track to a 3.6 by the end of semester 1 of junior year...
  37. moralis

    Where should I start? MD/PhD, maybe a bit late in the game

    Hi everybody, I'm a rising sophomore bioengineering major at a decently well known large state school. I have always wanted to go into scientific research of some sort, and was pretty much set on getting a PhD since high school. Last semester, I started out in a computational biology lab that I...
  38. L

    Feel like I'm screwed on LOR's

    So I graduated in May and will be applying for the 2021 cycle (2 gap years). I currently have 3 LOR's: 1 science professor whom I've TA'd for and received an A in both courses I took with him. My research PI (psychology which AFAIK is not considered "science" in terms of med school), whom I...
  39. funky_buddha

    Who here had a positive PhD experience in Clinical? And where?

    I have been seeing and hearing a lot of upsetting things about clinical phd programs as I move closer to applications. Even my sister, who is just going on her clinical internship, has had a pretty miserable experience in her doctoral study. I was wondering if I could hear from some of you who...
  40. Bohr_

    How to indicate something you plan to do on dental school application?

    I just graduated from college and am currently filling out the dental school application. I plan to take a gap year before (hopefully) starting next year. One of the things I plan on doing during my gap year is obtaining my private pilot license. I was wondering if I could go ahead and indicate...