1. mlroper

    Using Music as experiences?

    Hello all, I was hoping for some advice. I’m applying for my first cycle this year for veterinary schools and have been struggling with my “experiences” section. I’ve always wanted to be a vet, but in high school I was very into music performance and was in every ensemble group you can imagine...
  2. A

    Help with dental admission please :(

    Good evening everyone. Canadian here who is gonna be mass applying to US dental schools. So basically my situation is that i really messed up my first year due to severe illness (Depression + IBD) and personal problems. Gpa first year = 1.30 but then that summer i overcame all that and got...
  3. J

    Difficulty securing science professor recommendation letters

    Due to covid and classes being online, I am having trouble securing letters of recommendation from science professors. They have stated they don’t feel comfortable writing them because we haven’t met face-to-face. What should I do about this predicament?
  4. cosette7

    TouroCOM NY Campus Preference on AACOMAS

    TouroCOM NY Campus Preference on AACOMAS “Please denote what your campus preference is: Should you be offered an interview at TouroCOM-NY what campus would you prefer to interview at. Candidates will interview at one campus only and the interview outcome will apply to that campus only.” They...
  5. Alemo

    Accepting forensic fellowship offers

    I’ve been fortunate enough to have had a few interviews for forensic fellowships in 2022. At the end of the interview, each program director has said something like “Well, if you want to come here let me know, and if you decide you’d rather be elsewhere, let me know that too.” One said, “I’ll...
  6. J

    Orgo lab before or after pod school Easter egg collection?

    I am currently enrolled in orgo II and will need to take the lab separately. I was planning on taking it during the summer I session but I'd like to take it in the fall instead after applying this cycle as I would like to devote my time to finishing my mcat prep and exam. Would this affect my...
  7. J

    I’m in a pickle, could use some advice!

    So with Covid, things are interesting. I took a semester off during Covid because of some personal stuff but upon returning last fall things were different for sure. I didn’t take any sciences this past fall but taking orgo II, biochem, microbio and a writing this course this semester in...
  8. Taufiq Khaled

    Feeling overwhelmed and lost

    I usually don't post to forums and just lurk around and read but lately I have been feeling very lost and I don't know where I stand. I plan on applying to dental school this application cycle and the last thing I want is to have an incomplete application. I was wondering if you guys could point...
  9. J

    2021 - 2022 Application cycle pass/fail

    I know the 2020 - 2021 app cycle had pass/fail acceptance for prereqs. Are they doing the same for the 2021 - 2022 cycle?
  10. 1004jelly

    Supplemental Questions for each dental school

    Hey guys. I will be applying for next application cycle and i don't have lots of time in May/June due to family circumstances (will be working full time 8am-11pm lol..) and was hoping if anyone was willng to share their this application cycle supplemental question for this year and possibly dm...
  11. YourIvyGuide

    Medical/Dental School Application & Editing Help (from someone who gets it!!)

    Are you getting ready to apply for medical or dental school but feel stressed and overwhelmed by a giant To-Do list? Is your school list a jumbled mess of potential options that all seem to blend together? Are you taunted by a blinking cursor whenever you try to write your all-important personal...
  12. P

    Should I be communicating with schools?

    Do the majority of successful applicants send letters of interest, updates, call the admissions office of the schools they are interested in/waitlisted at? I have not done any of that this cycle and have seen many people on SDN regularly emailing/calling admissions and staying in close...
  13. N

    Green card requirements

    Hello, I am a Canadian citizen completing my undergraduate degree this year in Canada and subsequently starting my post-bacc in Canada next year but I received my green card in 2018. Is there a requirement to live in a certain state for a certain amount of time prior to applying or to complete...
  14. A

    Low GPA Waiver Letter?

    Hi everyone, I submitted most of my post-bacc applications and I just got my first rejection letter ... got me thinking I should have addressed my low GPA in my personal statement more. For the CAS system, they calculated my overall GPA to be 3.11 .... I didn't anticipate this, since I went to...
  15. T

    My Pre-dental Journey: Not the ideal applicant

    I wanted to share my path to dental school having been accepted to my top choice and give some hope to other applicants who feel like their application has holes everywhere. I will try to keep this as short and succinct as possible and leave out schools for sake of anonymity. 1) My major/minor...
  16. madelinemurdock

    Pre-Med Job Advice

    Hello everyone! This is my first time using this site as I am a freshman undergrad student currently. I was just seeking advice on which job option I should pursue for the upcoming semester. Here are my two options and thoughts on both: a) work on one of my biology professor's research projects...
  17. T_Huene

    Application Check

    So I’m looking for fair and straight criticism on the main points of what will become my application hopefully in the coming couple years. I graduated high school with just below a 3.0 and then continued onto the Honors College of Lewis and Clark Community College in Southern Illinois for an...
  18. zEkii

    Pre-Dental Students Applying to Dental School ( Now or in the Future ) MUST READ!

    Hello Pre-Dents! It’s been awhile since I posted… But 4+ years ago, I was a pre-dental student applying to Dental School. At college there was always in-service to discuss about the MCAT or special post-bac programs for Medical students. But there wasn’t a DAT study course or anything to guide...
  19. bubble370


  20. S

    Applying after deadline? OMS apps

    Is there any chance applications are considered if submitted after the deadline? There are a couple more OMS programs I’d like to submit to now that I’ve gotten my latest paycheck in my measly bank account but I want to make sure I’m not going to be essentially lighting my money on fire and...
  21. M

    [Asking for a friend] Graduated 7 years ago, what to do about LoR?

    Hi guys! A friend I work with graduated undergrad with a degree in nutrition 7 years ago and she is thinking about applying to medical school next cycle. She's worked in a couple different fields but is currently a dietitian/nutritionist at the hospital I work at. She has a lot of great...
  22. Methodical_Science

    2021 Neurocritical Care Match Thread

    Hi All. Long time lurker, but wanted to start a thread on the 2020-2021 NCC Match cycle (for positions in 2022) given that application submissions opened last week. It’s very early in the cycle but thought it would be a good idea for a thread refresh for current and future applicants (since...
  23. A

    Which type of LoR would you like to see?

    Having trouble deciding which LoRs to send...Crossing fingers to match at a top 10, better than average step 1 & 2, mid-level med school, hoping for a career in academia involving clinical research. I have 1 IM letter and a choice of 3 psych letters to send. They are: 1. Letter from research PI...
  24. E

    Psych Residncy

    Hi, I am non-US IMG looking to match into psych this year Other than step scores (step 1:254 step 2ck:269) I don’t have any US clinical experience or research Is it considered a red flag for psych programs? Should I be worried?
  25. jordij94

    Third time applicant: Apply in late August 2020 or June 2021?

    I applied previously in 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 as a CA ORM with a 3.9 / 513 /3000 hours scribing / 200 hours research / 1000 hours volunteering / 1000 hours leadership. Over the past two cycles, I had 2 IIs -> 2 WL and 4 IIs -> 3 WL. I just received my new MCAT score of 520 and am trying to...
  26. kwangsung

    taking post-bacc classes while applying

    I'm currently applying to med schools right now, but I want to enroll in some graduate level science courses as a non-degree seeking student for this Fall semester to boost my science GPA. I want to prepare myself in case I don't get accepted this cycle and be more competitive for next year, but...
  27. L


  28. D

    Is it worth it to apply this cycle?

    So while I was conflicted about whether or not to apply this cycle, one of my mentors has convinced me to apply. The problem is, I don't know how much this will hurt my cycle chances. I submitted my primary app on July 12th, and my transcript, LOR, MCAT are all good to go. However, I'm worried...
  29. H

    NEED HELP. How do I mark an LOR on AMCAS as "No Longer Being Sent" ?

    The AMCAS application portal literally says after you submit you can only mark letters as "no longer being sent" do I do that? I'm looking at AAMC's directions and the option to mark them as such isn't even on there?? Can someone help me? Am I just blind?
  30. R

    WAMC - MD School Advice? EC and stats listing

    GPA: 3.85 sGPA: 3.875 I took several dual credit courses in high school (not knowing they were DCC) in high school that are negatively impacting my GPA. My UG cGPA excluding these credits is a 3.91. My sGPA is currently a 4.0. I am a rising junior. Background: I suffer from a significant...
  31. R

    Should I list myself as the Principal Investigator of my study on medical school application?

    I am currently a rising junior in college, and have designed a study, as well as submit it to the IRB. I am listed as the principal investigator on the submissions to the IRB. I am also the one handling feedback from the IRB, and making revisions to the project. I have a faculty advisor, listed...
  32. D

    Submitted Incomplete Application

    I'm working on the AADSAS application right now and my FAP fee waiver expires in 4 days. This means I must submit the application before that deadline for my fee waiver to be applied. What I have remaining: Letters of Recommendation (only started asking now and 1 professor has said he wont...
  33. J

    General SOPHAS/HAMPCAS Required Application Items and Confusion

    Hi everyone, Sorry if this is the wrong place, but I'm very confused about the application process. I was in some old threads here and I became under the impression that there's a general common SOP (where you don't mention the school names) AND school-specific SOP. Is this incorrect? Because...
  34. artist2022

    Official AADSAS Q&A Thread 2020-2021

    Hey guys! As the application opened today to start filling out, I'm sure there'll be many questions about how things should be done, what to include where, etc. so let's keep all the questions posted to this thread so that 1) the forum isn't flooded and 2) people can search for their questions...
  35. D

    Application Fee Waiver Only Available for 14 Days?

    So I finally got accepted for the fee waiver for submitting dental school applications. I read the email and it says I have to use the application fee waiver withing 14 days of receiving it? "Submit your ADEA AADSAS application within 14 calendar days of being approved for fee assistance...
  36. P

    DAT Technical Problems: Retake?

    Hello, I just took the DAT today after having it postponed three times! I need some advice. There were some major technical glitches during my test resulting in me losing lots of time and they may let me retake it within a month to replace the scores free of charge. Should I take it again? I...
  37. W

    Submitting AADSAS without DAT Scores

    Hey everyone! I have already submitted my AADSAS app to my (1) state school, and it has been verified. I have yet to take the DAT (set for July 15). Does anyone know which dental schools are reviewing applications without receiving DAT scores first? Besides that, my application is fully...
  38. K

    Mediocre GPA Decent DAT What Are My Chances?

    Hi SDN I just took my DAT and did pretty well. Unfortunately my GPA/extracurriculars aren't the greatest so I'm still stressing about my application. Overall GPA: 3.47 Science GPA: 3.33 DAT score : AA: 25/ TS: 24 / QR: 24/ RC: 23/ Bio: 24/ GC: 22/ OC: 30/ PAT: 20 State of Residence: North...
  39. L


  40. PeonyLeaf

    Rising MS3. Just got my Step 1 results. Wondering what my chances are for programs in Los Angeles?

    Rising M3, just got my Step 1 results back. Here are my overall stats. Happy to provide any other info I may have left out. Step 1: 239 AOA: No Class Rank: Don't know, probably somewhere in 50-75%ile School: Low-tier in the south. No significant ties to CA (Just a few family friends we...