1. beakdoc

    AADSAS Dental Experience vs Employment

    Hello, I am a 2023 cycle applicant and have worked in dentistry for an extended amount of time. Since almost all my work experience is in the dental field, do I place all of that in the Dental Experience category, Employment category , or do I need to place some in both? Thank you
  2. W

    "Do you have a parent or legal guardian who is a physician or is in medical school?"

    I am filling out the application, and one question asks "Do you have a parent or legal guardian who is a physician or is in medical school?" My mother went to medical school before immigrating to the US and obtained an MBBS, but never practiced (in that country or in the US). In the US, she was...
  3. L

    Question about what ELSE I should do in my gap year?

    Hi all! So to start… Stats and Background • TX, ORM, graduated from T10 state school • cGPA=3.97 sGPA=3.94 • MCAT: The only thing really “missing” from my app • Not sure if I am applying MD-PhD or MD Only Clinical Experience Paid • ER Tech = 2100 hours...
  4. J

    I need advice on what I should do regarding this application cycle.

    My goal is to get accepted into a medical school in California, my home state. Here’s a little information about me; UC Davis undergrad, 3.90-3.95 GPA, 511 MCAT Good clinical experiences, no research experience My MCAT score ended up being a lot lower than I had hoped for. I think it took me...
  5. Osono

    Application timeline DO help

    Hello! I'm applying this cycle to both MD and DO schools. My plan for MD is to apply within the first week of the app opening because I have everything I need. For DO on the other hand, I have a bit of an issue. I recently started shadowing an MD- will probably have around 30-40 hours by June...
  6. Osono

    Is this EC worth including in my application?

    Hello! I worked as a clinical research coordinator for around 2 months full time after I graduated with my degree. I left that job to move back home with my dad and study for the MCAT full time. I do think it was a great experience, as it was my first full time job and I got to see how clinical...
  7. M

    Veteran applicants

    Hello all, I’ve read a lot about how being a veteran is advantageous to the application process but I haven’t seen how it actually helps. What are some tangible ways that it helps? Does it act like being URM? Do adcoms even care? I’m putting my application together and I just want to know if...
  8. J

    Reapplicant advice/school list assistance

    Hello all. I've used SDN for years, but after an unsuccessful app cycle this year, I've decided to finally ask for some assistance. I only applied to a few schools last cycle, but I thought I would just give it a shot since I had AAMC Fee Assistance. In hindsight, I shouldn't have applied last...
  9. P

    WAMC low DAT average GPA

    I am just asking for your opinion on my chances, I have done a significant amount of research into what schools I should apply to this cycle, if you could give me any advice that would be appreciated. I know my DAT is low and I am planning on retaking it this summer but I want to apply at the...
  10. S

    Surgical Critical Care/Acute Care Surgery Fellowship Interview Thread - 2022

    Hey everyone, Since application season is rapidly approaching, I thought I would get this started for all the Surg Crit Care and ACS applicants. I'm hoping this can be a page to compare notes on applications and programs, as well as keep a running list of which programs have sent out...
  11. W

    Advisor drastically changing experiences doc?

    Hi y’all! So I am writing my experiences doc and really enjoyed a Youtube walkthrough video of what to NOT do in writing them. It encouraged me to be myself and focus on telling stories about each in a way that was actually pretty fun and engaging. HOWEVER, I sent a first draft of this to my...
  12. W

    Current cycle applicant slowly becoming a re-applicant, please help fix my app.

    As the title says, I am a current applicant this cycle. I am a senior finishing my now final semester of undergrad, and it is safe to say that this cycle has not gone as I had hoped. As of now I only have had one II from my state school, to which I won't find out the final decision until March...
  13. I

    I have no X factor or "theme" in my application

    Hello! I've read a lot that it is very helpful to have an "X factor" or something that makes you stand out from the other applicants, but I genuinely have no idea what type of additional factor I can add. I am very happy with my grades this far and feel like I have some time before I apply, so...
  14. F

    How to have time for all extracurriculars?

    Just finished first semester as a sophomore, I know I didn't get started as quickly as I should've, but I'm gonna start research in a couple weeks, apart from that I've just maintained a 4.0 gpa without any other extracurriculars. I don't want to take a lot of gap years, I would be fine applying...
  15. G

    Which Schools to Target

    So I am 42 years old decided 5 years ago to change my career to become a Dr. I am a former Army officer and worked in oil exploration after I was discharged. I recently graduated with my second degree as the one I got in 2002 had a poor GPA due to multiple deaths in the family over 3 semesters...
  16. I

    Question about Dates

    For future application cycles, I believe the important dates are: 1) AMCAS, AACOMAS, and TMDSAS opening and submission dates, 2) the MCAT deadline for that application cycle, 3) CASPer, Duet, Snapshot, and AAMC SJT opening dates (the first dates you can take those tests), 4) secondary...
  17. Asclepius293

    Rude to Request to Reschedule Residency Interview Date?

    Hello all, It’s Friday and I just received an invite to interview on Wednesday next week. However, I already have an interview with another program scheduled for that date. The program schedules through email and not ERAS, so there is no freeze date or ability to self schedule. I was...
  18. cilantrosoap

    Graduate school transcripts for med school applications

    I was wondering if anybody has any insight into if medical school admissions boards also take into account graduate school transcripts when calculating GPA? I graduated undergrad with a 3.73 cGPA and 3.8sGPA. I went to physical therapy school and graduated with a 3.83 cGPA over 120 credits which...
  19. ramblingamblin99

    Application vs. Matriculation Pre-requisites

    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone knew how to reliably see if a course is required at the time of application or by the time of matriculation? I was planning to finish up physics and orgo 2 during my application year, but it was brought to my attention that some courses are required when you...
  20. S

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Loma Linda OTD 2021-2022 Cycle (apps/interviews)

    Hello! Just thought maybe I would start a thread for Loma Linda. I was wondering who else received an invitation to interview? Also, just wanted to create a thread for anyone who heard back already with decisions or is in the process of waiting! lets keep each other updated :)
  21. Fancy312

    Application has all DAT exams?

    Hi everyone, If the last time I took the test was 2018, does that score get included in the application with the new one? Or do those scores 3 years or older just dont get counted anymore? I would like to show schools that I did improve from the previous scores.
  22. C

    Michigan College of Optometry Interview Questions

    Hello! I recently applied to the Michigan College of Optometry. I'm wondering if anyone knows a general timeline for when I should expect to hear back about an interview? I have reached out to a couple optometry students that are currently enrolled now, and they both received interviews...
  23. D

    GPA 3.988, sGPA 4.0, MCAT 518, Aiming for T10-T20, Gap year advice needed

    Hi all, Looking for some guidance on what to do moving forward. I’m in my final year of undergrad and recently got my MCAT score back (518). I have an LM 75.9 and WARS 85, conservatively. The 2017 WARS doc gave me an S level rating and recommended I make 45% of my applications to Category 1...
  24. artist2022

    LSU Dental School Class of 2026 Interview/Acceptance Thread

    Good luck everyone! Link to last years thread: LSU Dental School Class of 2025 Interview/Acceptance Thread Link to interview prep: Louisiana State University New Orleans School of Dentistry Interview Feedback ----> Be sure to give feedback on your interview to help future applicants! :)
  25. S

    Applying to Canadian Internship as an American

    It has come to my attention that both US and Canadian sites are listed as available for match on the APPIC directory. Neuropsychology is my area of specialization and there were a number of neuro internships in Canada that really caught my attention, but I wasn't sure as to the true feasibility...
  26. H

    WAMC Looking for help making a school list. URM cGPA 3.89/3.81sGPA 521 MCAT Great ECs/Research

  27. J

    In a pickle (again)!

    So here's the situation. I've been studying for the MCAT since January and originally planned to take it in June, which I then bumped it to August, and then September before finally cancelling it. I'm averaging 487 - 489. I did decide to wait until January to take the test but I feel as though...
  28. M

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Worcester State Application

    Hi everyone! I live in MA and am really hoping to get into Worcester state for the in-state tuition especially. I was wondering if anyone has applied to this program before. I see that people have discussed observation hours when discussing this school, but I do not see them mentioned as a...
  29. hopeful_vet2026

    Tennessee c/o 2026 hopefuls

    Welcome to the UTCVM applicant page for class of 2026! Good luck to everyone!!
  30. E

    Chances of getting in with a low gpa?

    Hi everyone! I'm looking to apply to the upcoming cycle and was wondering of my chances of applying to the following schools given I have a cGPA of 3.15? I think my science gpa will be the same because I study in a full science program with only 1-2 electives. The schools I'm interested in...
  31. J

    Applying before MCAT score arrives

    Is it possible to apply prior to receiving my MCAT score? I bumped my test date to Sept. 3rd and will receive my scores (hopefully) late September, early October. Is it possible to apply with the rest of my application in August when the cycle opens?
  32. J

    Cannot secure science faculty letters

    I have been having extreme difficulty in securing science professor recommendation letters. This past semester I did wonderful and had an A in microbio. I got to know the professor through zoom, email conversations, etc…When I asked for a letter she stated since we never met in person, she...
  33. E

    Submitting AADSAS Dental School App Without LORs Received?

    Hey everyone! I'm applying to dental school this cycle and my application is almost done - personal statement, official DAT/transcripts, and individual applications are all set! However, I'm still waiting on my LORs to be received. I told my professors/dentists that are writing it to...
  34. T

    Would any of you be willing to edit my Institutional Action description?

    I was caught stealing food from a dining hall in October 2018. Most of my friends were studying abroad that semester, so I was hanging out with a bad crowd. They bragged about taking from the dining halls without paying so I did the same and was caught. This was resolved by my school's Student...
  35. P

    this timeline confuses me!!!! please help

    Hi guys I just finished a master's SMP and am waiting for my final grades. I am taking my mcat Aug 7 so schools will get the score a month from then in Sept. When should I turn in my primary?? I know asap but I have been waiting for my final grades from this sem to come up since I just finished...
  36. A


  37. J

    Applying Optometry School with these stats?

    I had made a previous post about an upcoming OAT and here's how I did: QR 390 RC 350 Bio 340 GenChem 340 OChem 340 Physics 350 TS 350 AA 350 I'm pretty happy with the scores - i've never had more anxiety from an exam and i'm relieved it's over. I'm applying this upcoming cycle and would...
  38. mlroper

    Using Music as experiences?

    Hello all, I was hoping for some advice. I’m applying for my first cycle this year for veterinary schools and have been struggling with my “experiences” section. I’ve always wanted to be a vet, but in high school I was very into music performance and was in every ensemble group you can imagine...
  39. A

    Help with dental admission please :(

    Good evening everyone. Canadian here who is gonna be mass applying to US dental schools. So basically my situation is that i really messed up my first year due to severe illness (Depression + IBD) and personal problems. Gpa first year = 1.30 but then that summer i overcame all that and got...
  40. J

    Difficulty securing science professor recommendation letters

    Due to covid and classes being online, I am having trouble securing letters of recommendation from science professors. They have stated they don’t feel comfortable writing them because we haven’t met face-to-face. What should I do about this predicament?