pharmacist needed for pharmaceutical wholesaler?

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Sep 5, 2021
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so i came across this weird position. "For 15 years we are medical equipment and supplies company that is in the process of obtaining pharmaceutical wholesale license to be able to sell physician supplies." They need a pharmacist on board in order to register for this license. They only supply medical offices apparently. Have no idea about the distribution/wholesale side of things..... didn't even realize you had to be a pharmacist to register for one. anyone have any experience in the field? please feel free to comment.

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Not personally but one of my coworkers did something that sounded kind of similar. She was essentially just paid to be listed as the PIC. It was next to no work but also only paid like ~1k/month if I remember correctly.
I've seen something like this with independent pharmacies that are new and are not open to the public and are still awaiting approval of license. They hire someone to act as Supervising Pharmacist for the application process, pay them $1k-2k a month. Their main job is to fill out the paperwork and make sure the pharmacy is compliant with all regulations to pass the state board inspection and be available to be there for the inspection when the state board inspector schedules it.