Aug 16, 2016
Most places I contact tell me that I must be over 18 or in pharmacy school to be able to shadow a pharmacist. I'm only 16. The best I have found so far is that Walgreens may be willing to let me shadow a pharmacy technician, but I'm looking to shadow a pharmacist specifically (retail or hospital). Any advice on where to go/who to contact to get an opportunity to shadow?


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Feb 4, 2014
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I know some hospitals around here have shadowing programs in the summer for high school students. That might be worth looking into also.
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Sep 8, 2016
Look for your state board of pharmacy laws and rules - it is quite likely that the pharmacist is referring to company policy and not state law. I know Texas requires you to be 17 to be a "technician trainee" and 18 with a HS diploma/GED to be a registered and certified technician. However, there are no laws regarding shadowing - but many companies/independent pharmacies have rules.

Reach out to what is called the PIC (pharmacist-in-charge) of pharmacies (retail and independent). Regardless of the situation, they will be the ones that ultimately have to make the decision to let you shadow, and they are in a role that will mean they are more likely to understand your situation. Texas state board of pharmacy has a website you can look up the PIC for the pharmacy - so you can at least know their name when you go in. Look for a similar site for your state.