Medical Pharmacist/ Trying to shadow DO and applying.

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Jun 11, 2010
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I have been a retail pharmacist for about 4 years and after a long thought, I decided to try for medical school next year.

I would like to shadow a DO for the experience plus a recommendation letter for my application.

Do I just cold call local DOs around? Is is usually hard to find one to shadow? Would they not like me since I am a pharmacist?

I feel like I can be a great help since I know my ins and outs about how the pharmacy.

Do you think working as a retail pharmacist is considered as clinical experience? (my personal statement is going to be about how I have come to build many relationships with a variety of patients as a pharmacist and wants to pursue medicine to have a greater impact in the community)

I have 1500 hours of clinical rotation during my pharmacy school years and 4 years as a pharmacist. Any other EC before applying?

My cGPA is 3.3 and sGPA 3.6 (not including pharmacology, virology etc) . No MCAT score yet (hopefully at least 500+)

I know I am just slapping bunch of questions here but any advise will be appreciated.
Most people seem to cold call.

If you know any clinicians, you can ask them if they know a DO. Start with your family doctor.
Sep 4, 2006
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Do you have any nonmedical community service you can put on the application?

AACOMAS will list your undergrad composite GPA and sGPA, your grad school cGPA and sGPA, and then it will calculate all your grades together for a overall GPA, including undergrad, grad school, and any other post-HS coursework you might have taken.

Is there a nearby DO school you plan to target? You might call and be sure they aren't expecting more recent coursework than four years ago. You might even be able to discuss your application in detail with someone to be sure you've covered everything they feel is important to a successful application. I suspect they will consider your patient interaction as a pharmacist to be "clinical experience."
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