Pharmacy and Organic Chemistry

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Dec 25, 2011
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Hi, I am currently an sophomore majoring in Biochem. I was thinking about pre-med, but since I am not really good at life science, I'm thinking about pre-pharm because I love organic chemistry!

My question is how important organic chemistry is in pharm school? I also like making drugs because it is organic chem related. Any suggestions for me?


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if your interesting in making drugs/research. look into medicinal chemistry programs... or pharmacology program it is different from pharmacy school.
Pharmacy school is heavily 'life science' based (specifically physiology, microbio, and pharmacology). Aside from a few semesters of medicinal chem, you will seldom apply organic chemistry principles in a Pharm D program.

Look into graduate programs in medicinal chem and pharmaceutical chem if you like organic synthesis and drug design.