Pharmacy internship in California

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May 3, 2019
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Hi! Does anybody know whether the State of California Board of Pharmacy would accept employment as a pharmacy technician as internship hours?
I am a foreign graduate of pharmacy, already certified by the FPGEC and already with a intern pharmacist license in California but it has been hard to find an internship position I could apply for. The board requires 1500 hours of internship for those that have never had a license in the US before. I cannot apply to pharmacy intern grad positions because I will not be able to get licensed as a pharmacist in 90 days. I also cannot apply to a regular intern position because I am not anymore enrolled in a school of pharmacy.
I was offered a pharmacy technician position at a retail pharmacy and they told me they could sign my affidavit of internship hours which would be accepted by the board of pharmacy. However, I do not know if that would work out fine and I am pretty sure they have strong conflict of interests so I should not trust them blindly.
I tried to contact the State of California Board of Pharmacy over this question, but they do not answer phone calls and I feel they will not answer my email also.

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