Pharmacy school and life

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Feb 9, 2009
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I am 35 year old working adult and the sole provider of a fairly large family. I am definitely going back to school this year but will be on a fresh start program which will be starting at the beginning for the most part. I am interested in Pharmacy, hoping to own a pharmacy someday. My concern is about supporting my family while I am in school. My wife is from Japan, she will not be able to gain employment and earn enough to support us or even pick up any slack. Is there a time during a pharmacy students school career that he/she is unable to work at all? Has anyone been in this situation or can offer advice? Thanks.

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It depends on the school. I heard some schools don't even let their students work the first year, but most don't really care if you work or not. Now you're probably just doing the pre-pharm for a few years, then the schedule is really up to you. Just manage your time and money well. I have friends that take out the max allowed of student loans and still not have enough. I usually just take half of what they take and still have more than enough to live off.
I'd say, based upon what I know, that theres no time in school when you couldnt sneak in 1 day...6 or 8 hours of work per week.

If you're thinking of trying to work full time and go to school...I doubt that is possible.
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It's possible, but it WON'T be easy. You will be sacrificing something in order to spread yourself so thin. Either you'll be sacrificing sleep, studying, or family time/life (or a combination thereof).
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Of the people I know that work, I would say typically the max is 10 hours per week. I do know there are a few people who work a lot more than that though. You probably won't be able to work your 4th year because of rotations. Those are 40 hours a week or so. You might be able to squeak some work in there but it would be tough.
I work 8 hours on Saturday and 3 hours on Sunday night. I get 95% of my studying done on the weekdays, so my weekends are pretty much free to do what I want, if I have a test coming up, I will study a little.

I don't have a family so I don't really care too much about having to work, optimally I wouldn't be working at all but I have car payments to make.

I guess you could work the weekends and a couple of hours here and there on weekday nights but you will have to make some sacrifices.