PharmD interview from KGI, Loma Linda, Marshall Ketchum

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Mar 20, 2020
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Hi everyones,
I plan to graduate my B.A in biochemistry in June 2020, and starting to apply into PharmD program in KGI, Loma Linda, and Marshall Ketchum. My GPA is around 3.7 with more than 6 months working part time at a retail pharmacy locally after I got my Pharm Technician license. All these schools did send me the interview next month which is in April, 2020. However, this time I believe we have to do the interview via Zoom app. My English and public speaking are still limited, and I am just too scared about it as well as the essay portion that they may required to do on my computer during the interview time.
Do you guys have any advices for me about the interview from these schools? How does it include? what do they usually ask us? Especially in the essay :(((((
Thank you so much everyone! Stay strong and be healthy :)

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I would really reconsider your decision to go to pharmacy school. There are virtually no jobs out there. You'll most definitely end up having to move out of state or to the boonies of California (i.e. Alturas, Bishop, Eureka, etc.) if you're lucky enough to land a job.

Also, most of the jobs that do exist are in retail. There are already many horror stories of pharmacists having to work while sick, work without PPE, etc. during this pandemic.

There are other professions out there that give you a far better lifestyle and have far better job prospects compared to pharmacy. Computer programming, finance, accounting, engineering, trades, etc. grads usually land decent paying and less stressful jobs easily, and that is without you having to take out $200k+ in loans and spend an additional 4 years of your life in school.
Retail- LOL Yeah if you like being treated like dirt on a daily basis then pharmacy school is a dream come true. But if that sounds at all unappealing I would definitely reconsider your choice before you make a terrible mistake. This coming from actual experience, NOT speculation.
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