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Discussion in 'Psychiatry' started by psych doc 2B, Jul 26, 2006.

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    I'm New to Student Doctor network. I researched some previous threads about residencies in Philadelphia but i was hoping for some up to date information. I"m looking to do my residency there, but I know nothing about the atmosphere at each of the programs. I'm interested in child psych but open to programs that don't have a child psych felowship. So is there anyone from Jefferson, Drexel, Temple, Einstein, or UPenn that can tell me about the experience???
    I'd like to know if residents/attendings are approachable and friendly.
    Are you happy?
    Does it seem like your colleauges are? what do u like most and least about your program???
    What was your impression of the place during your interview and/or while you were doing an elective there?

    I would appreciate any advice/help anyone can give me!!! :confused:
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    I'm a med student at Drexel and I did my psych rotation at Hahnemann (drexel's main hosp.) and I can tell you some stuff.

    1. The program is mostly international doctors
    2. The locked down unit is hard core psych stuff like Schizo, Suicidals and its in this small cramped space and the patients are all over the place
    3. The other hospitals are a bit nicer
    4. The attendings dont seem to communicate that well with each other, which didnt bother me as a student but may influence being a resident there.

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