Sep 1, 2016
Need some Career advice opinions and Information. Ive looked at the other Posts regarding this topic but I'd like to ask this question in a different light Any PTs or PA's out there please give me your opinion.
im a Senior majoring in Exercise science and Health promotion with career interests in Physical Therapy or Physicians Assistant hopefully to specialize in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Ive looked a both professions and I'm having trouble picking a route. I've weighed some pros and cons of each that are very alarming to be such as PT's having to increase patients seen an hour because of insurance rates and the low pay to debt ratio. and PA with the more invasive type of treatments but possibly less autonomy as a clinician. I want to keep one foot in the door for Physical Therapy and Strength and conditioning side because I really have a love for movement and Exercise Im not sure how maybe as a Hobby? However I feel that for the long term PA is simply a better choice because of the way things are going with insurances and healthcare in the future and I could see myself practicing medicine in this type of fashion. I would like to also try Emergency medicine as a PA.

some facts I've seen that stand out to me:
Physical therapy:
120k Debt - 50-60k starting pay- Max out at 90-100k after 20 years.
- Very hard and very demanding to open your own clinic for not much more pay
- Cash based PT is hard because people don't want to pay out of pocket.

-100k debt for schooling- 80-90k starting?
- Higher ceiling for Pay
- Great job outlook
- Possibility to work in Emergency Medicine
-less autonomy?
- Flexible work hours?

if you could give your opinions and thoughts on each it would be greatly appreciated.