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Feb 1, 2000
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I am interested in opinions from students currently in training as PA or NPs regarding the future status of their respective profession.

Both groups are pushing to expanded their scope of practice and independence. Will this lead to professional rivalry like MD vs DO vs DC?

Also why did you choose PA over NP or vice versa?



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Feb 4, 2000
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PA has a wider scope of practice.
NP is more specialized/focused.
If you KNOW what you may want to do now as well as 25 years from now, that may influence your decision.
Both are wonderful professions.
Good luck

Joshua Paul Hazelton, CNA, EMT-B
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University of the Sciences in Philadelphia (2002)
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Jun 23, 2000
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I am reponding to the query regarding nurse practitioners and physician assistants. I'm not sure that I agree that PAs have a wider scope of practice than NPs. The scope of practice for mid level providers varies greatly from city to city, from state to state and even from practice to practice. In addition, I do not consider any MDs, PAs or NPs to be my rivals. Most of my colleges whom I consider to be friends are MDs and PAs.
The real question is: Do you, personally, advise a student who is considering the medical profession as his or her career to be a MD, PA, NP or DO? My advice to a prospective student has varied over the last 7 years. What do you think?
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