Aug 9, 2015
I'm taking the oat on Thursday and I feel pretty comfortable with all the subjects other than physics. I've always felt like physics was a lost cause for me because I had a horrible professor when I took the class and never really understood it. Now my OAT is a couple days away and I still feel like I don't know any physics because the most I've done to study physics is go through the OAT destroyer once to try to learn from doing the problems, which I know probably wasn't the best way to study this subject. I've been working on improving all my other subjects, which have been improving on my practice tests, but mynphysics scores are still coming out really low (mid 200s). Does anyone have any last minute advice on studying physics?
Jul 9, 2015
I think a lot of us were on the same boat. Since it's so last minute, I'd recommend googling & using Khan Academy's video as well as free lance teacher's videos for the subjects you're still shaky on. For example, don't know how to use the lens equation to find the focal length? Then google it! Most of the OAT physics stuff is very straightforward & is not meant to make your brain fall apart like in college. The test makers just want to make sure you understand the most basic & popular physics concepts & formulas. Don't psych yourself out! It is really not that bad if you have been studying & practicing