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Nov 30, 2014
Q=(v)(A) -> where Q is the flow rate, v is the velocity, and A is the area; since the question provides the diameter and not the area, you have to use 'pi/4 x diameter^2' in the equation for area: Q=(v)(pi/4 x diameter^2) [note: pi=3.14 ... don't know how to add the greek symbol for pi]


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Feb 27, 2013
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The above answer is the easiest, but if you forget, I always suggest to look at the units.

In this case we have m^3/s.

You are given velocity, so it makes sense to have the answer equal velocity x something.

Then, you are given the diameter of a supposedly round object. What can you determine with that?

The area, which is pi*r^2 = pi*(d/2)^2 = pi/4 * d^2 with units of m^2.

These multiply to give you the answer, but can be determined without knowing a formula.

Applicable to any unit-based question.