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Picking your specialty


New Member
10+ Year Member
Feb 27, 2011
Who would ever want to change specialty after completing a residency? voluntarily?
Make sure you have the clinical aptitude and technical ability for a surgical subspecialty you may desire.
If you are worried about depression, you can find suicide rates by specialty thru a google search.
If you want to read a scary story about ER medicine, check this out:
Remember if you are not solo, you are dependent on the contractual agreement drawn up by somebody else......so if you join an anesthesia group, pathology group, etc., and they change their in-house contract or lose their hospital contract, you will need to scramble.
Remember a mid-level can always be hired for less than you, so better have something special to offer.
The days where you could just go down the road and hang your shingle are long gone
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