Jul 23, 2020
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  1. Dental Student
Hi! I am down to the wire. I think I would prefer to go to Iowa but the difference in cost makes it seems irresponsible. I would appreciate any and all feedback! Thank you

School 1: Pitt
  • Faculty was really awesome and helpful and care about the student’s experience and will make adjustments based on feedback
  • Faculty I interviewed with were really great and I think I would learn a lot from them
  • Selective courses
  • Ability to be well-rounded due to all the locations
  • Special needs clinic
  • Would not have to adjust to a new city/environment
  • Seem strong research-wise
  • Public health certificate
  • Cheaper option (including possibility to switch residencies to PA)
  • A lot of students specialize...I do not feel like competing with peers
  • Students looked exhausted esp. D1s and D2s, has expressed the rigor significantly more than students at other schools
School 2: Iowa
  • I like the structure of the curriculum
  • Current students were very nice and helpful to me and they did not seem stressed or say that the program was unreasonably hard
  • Prepare students well for GENERAL DENTISTRY
  • Early clinical exposure
  • Clinical extramural programs
  • Facility is really nice
  • Decent tuition and cost of living (even OOS)
  • Interesting research projects
  • Students talked really great things about the faculty and vice versa
  • Would be hard to get out of the state if needed to do so in a short time frame
  • Not as much diversity as I would like in the student body
  • More expensive (by ~$40k)
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