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Nov 9, 2005
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I need some advice on what should I do to make myself a better applicant. I just turned 28 and finished my prereqs in Aug, so my app wasn't verified until Nov. I have a 31(11v10bs10ps) 3.2gpa 3.0science, no research or stellar volunteer activities. I am now just finishing secondaries, all auto-invites. I don't believe that I have much of a chance of getting in this year b/c of applying so late. I am also UMR, but i don't really want to get into med school because of my partial ethnicity. I am considering three options to improve my desirability for the next cycle:

1. Apply to an SMP such as georgetown or upenn for next year, not take the mcat again, more volunteer activities, plus research. Apply again in a year

2. Get a masters degree in Biology or someother science...apply again in a year.

3. Stay where I am and take the mcat again. i know i could do better. I didn't really study that much for it, as i was taking ochem2 the same time during the summer. Volunteer some more. Apply again this june.

4. Take some advance science classes at my local university this spring(biochem, microbio, immunology, genetics). Try to do some research and meaningful volunteer work. Maybe take the mcat again? Apply this june.

5. cross my fingers and hope that i will get in this year.