Sheriff AL

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May 27, 2012
Hi all.

Loyola cGPA: 3.26
Loyola sGPA: 2.93 (BCP 2.74)
BS in Health Systems Management (May 2013)

MCAT Scores: 25, 24 (Spring 2012, Winter 2013)

Oakton Community College* cGPA: 3.6
OCC sGPA: 3.5
*4 sciences (Phys 1 and 2, Human Anatomy I, and a Nutrition class), 1 non science

Currently doing research @ a hospital
Interned @ BlueCross BlueShield Assoc.
Volunteered at hospitals (includes physician shadowing)
Volunteered in random community organizations

So this is my CV in a nutshell. Now I came up with a plan as to how I can improve my chances to getting into medical school. Please let me know what you think. (Note: will be applying to DO schools) Keep in mind, these are all options during these periods of time.

Retake MCAT (April 5th)
Take Human Anatomy and Physio II
Retake Orgo I
Flexible Part-Time Job
Apply to Pod Schools*
Apply to Masters Programs**

Apply early to medical schools

Fall and Spring
  1. Work the rest of year (save up)
  2. Start 1st year of Pod School
  3. Start Master's Program
*The reason for applying to Pod school is so that it can act as a possible back up in case medical school doesn't work out and/or if I do get into medical school, I can possibly transfer credits and not lose a year (which would be awesome).

**Another alternative. If I do well, it may result in me getting into medical school. Not that keen because I still lose another year.

Final two questions. Does anyone know of any good books for personal statement writing? And does anyone know where I can find the secondary application essay prompts?
May 19, 2013
GPA: idk your cGPA for both schools combined, but it looks like it should be around 3.3. Which is solid for DO. You could also retake the classes you took at Loyola if you are worried about your GPA. You probably already know, but in case you don't...DO application service allows you to REPLACE your past grade with your newest grade(!)

MCAT: That MCAT isn't going to kill you, but retaking will improve your chances IF you can do better. Don't go take another MCAT and then get a sure you can improve.
Extracurricular: It's solid
Don't know much about the Pod route
Master's program isn't necessary if you do DO schools, assuming your overall GPA is good
conclusion: I advise you retake some C's or lower in the spring and apply early and to a good list of schools

1) Princeton has a Personal statement book that has personal statements from accepted applicants, as well as the schools they applied to.
2)You can find most of the secondary prompts here on sdn, though they might change year to year
Good luck!