Plane flights and money

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Scooby Doo

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Jul 10, 2001
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Okay..I think I and the rest of us are keeping airlines in business these days. I have spent wayyyyy too much money on these flights...How much have you guys spent total on airfare so far? I don't even really want to begin to calculate it...I was keeping track of everything up till about a month ago..then I got really depressed about all the money going into this and decided to stop...

I get to get up around 230am tomorrow to catch my flight...lots of fun for scooby...connections up the wazzoo at an expensive price :(
I have yet to see these suppossed good deals out there right now!
I am not even gonna be able to go home for thanksgiving or christmas b/c of lack of funds now! It sucks! I actually am going home right after thanksgiving...but get this, it's only so I can go to an interview...

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How do people taking classes deal with all the missed time? I'm a late submitter, so I'll probably have to deal with it next quarter (if I'm lucky!!!).
Finacially this is killing me. I'm trying to do this all on a substitute teachers salary. I took out a personal loan just to get my secondarys done, which just went through so know I'm rushing to be done. Everything else is just getting and then maxing out credit cards.
I don't know how they expect people to afford this process. It's a joke that anyone can afford to apply. Uhhggg... I don't even want to think about it anymore :(
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This is definitely hurting me. I have an interview at SLU in 2 weeks and before today I could only find flight fares for around $700.00! I was seriously about to cancel my interview because I just don't want to pay that much (fortunately I have had other interviews so I wasn't really worried). But finally, today, I found a ticket for $300.00, I just have to spend 2 days in St. Louis, but my interview runs into my Thanksgiving vacation so I won't be missed at work. Normally, I can get really good fairs through but they don't have any flights that go to St. Louis, and it is waaayyyy to far for me to drive!
dlc :p
Yeah, I've spent at least $2,000 on interview trips. Let's just say that I'm not going out to eat or shopping in great quantities anymore! It makes me feel better if I pretend that they were all mini-vacations that I had the luxury to take, like I do this sort of thing all the time. Visa is becoming my best friend. :) Hang in there, everyone.
Check out When you sign up as a member they give you access to really cheap can view them as a non-member but you can't purchase them until you sign up ($65). My flights from San Francisco to New York and Boston were $180 total each! My flight to Philadelphia from San Francisco was $215 total! You have to check each day 'cause new deals pop up frequently...they are also really good for last minute flights...

I have flown round trip from BWI to San Diego 3 times in the past 2 months for $130 (that includes tax etc....). It is a fantastic site!