Oct 10, 2014
Dental Student
Hi, I was on SDN before as a predent, but now I am a dental student. SDN was an invaluable tool back then so I am looking for help again here.

If I continue working hard in my classes and getting the good grades, how do I ask for letters of rec in dental school? When do you request these letters from the Dean/faculty?

What determines if you're going to get a good letter?

How much does extracurriculars (clubs/class positions) matter?

Letters from dental professional/faculty, does that mean the teachers in your SIM lab courses? What about your didactic courses? Again what will influence these individuals to write a good letter for you other than GPA and good work in this setting.

If there is an opportunity to do research, how much of an influence on my overall application will it make if I pursued this

Thanks in advance.