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Jun 29, 2009
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Hey all!! Hope you can help me. I postponed taking the exam way to long. I need help studying for the NAPLEX and have some concerns that need to be addressed:

1) What material do you need for naplex taken on Jan 2014. I have the RxPrep 2013 version and 2011 video version, I signed for the rxprep quiz bank.

2) New guidelines coming out will they be part of the exam in Jan? I called NABP and they said you expected to know everything...so it wasn't really a yes or no.

3) Do you think the test questions discriminate between old and newer guidelines in terms of answers? The old and newer guidelines really are far apart in terms of recommendations.

4) How long do you need to study? I'm giving myself 1 month. I don't currently work. So I'll force to study like 12 hours a day x 7d.

Thanks for you help (mature answers no joke please, really stressing about exam)!