Jun 8, 2010
Hello everyone!! I have been a reader of the boards for some time and the amount of information is amazing!! I am currently 34 and the calling of medicine has been cycling through my mind more often than usual. I have been out of school for 9 years (back in post bac to start working on my horrendous 2.3 undergrad gpa). I took intro Bio 15 years ago which I did not do well on. Besides that, no other pre-med reqs were attempted.

My plan, if I choose to go through with it, would to leave my current employer and dive face first into courses/volunteer work/etc.. I know I do not have a GPA even close to what it takes, but am wondering if they see a stellar SGPA and a great MCAT, that the older ugpa would be weighed less. There is obviously some hesitancy due to me being the sole breadwinner, but my wife stated that she (who is in school) would get a research job (she has aspirations for dental) so something would come in.

What do you all think? Would MD programs definitely be out of the equation? Should I just go after DO and Carib. schools? Thanks to all for any useful advise!!


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Oct 30, 2006
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Ideally, you're in Texas, so you can do fresh start and have that 2.3 wiped out.

If you're not in Texas, then that 2.3 is more permanent than a tattoo. MD schools average every college grade you ever received. Getting into med school from a 2.3 can be done, but it's going to take years, there is no guarantee, and the financials will make no sense.

First, before you quit your job, find out whether you can get A's. You need a lot of A's. So take one math or science class, maybe at a community college at night, something difficult. If you get an A, great, dive in. If you don't get an A, find out why, fix it, try again. Seriously.

Second, start a volunteer gig in a clinic or hospital now. Get in there, ask hard questions, be willing to listen, and get exposure.

If you do 3 more years of undergrad and get a 4.0, your cumulative overall undergrad GPA will probably hit just above 3.0. Or do 4 more years at 3.7 or better, and you'll probably hit 3.0. 3.0 is a minimum number, imho. To offset your low 3.0, you have the opportunity to show a *very* strong science GPA (since you haven't taken much) and a *very* strong MCAT.

That's the strategy. You're looking at 3+ more years of impeccable performance in undergrad, with plenty of activities on the side, and a massive MCAT prep effort. After all this, you may still need another year in an SMP.

If it's not obvious, you'll need to be pursuing a 2nd bachelors to do that much more undergrad, unless you're filthy rich.

Educate yourself on DO, because that may be faster. DO schools forgive old grades if you retake the coursework with a better grade.

Best of luck to you.
Jun 8, 2010
Hey Dr thank you very much for the info. Although it's depressing, it's reality. It appears that DO may be the way to go for me.


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Apr 16, 2009
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DO is a very good route for you. Definitely look into it. Good luck :)
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