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Dec 5, 2006
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Hey everyoen... i was studying plants the other day under taxanomy... and i realized there was a section on plant structure in my kaplan thing. is that even on teh DAT ... liek all that xylem phleom.... budding, axion, stuff like that? or do i just need to knwo teh classes like gymno ango stuff?


even though I haven't yet to taken the D.A.T yet. I heard that there was one test with 6 questions about annelids. So I wouldn't completely ignore it. Just read it.
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Feb 7, 2007
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i am retaking the nbde part one, and i got last time a question about the dna of algae, or something like that. Since the questions repeat i want to read about it. Does your book have anything of that particular subject?

can you tell me more about the DAT. I am already a Dentist in my country, but to get in and advanced standing program is almost mission imposible. So I thinking to go into the regular program, and for that i have to take the DAT.
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